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Braces -  Another Type Study of Sorts
by George Langford

Overall view of PEXTO No.8010B with BB chuck
The brace has all its original parts, including a full complement of the little 3/32nds inch balls that make its chuck hold round & square-shanked bits equally well.

Brace PEXTO-12 - P.S.&W.Co. No.8010B

The rosewood wrist handle has a pair of overlapping tight cracks that are nearly invisible.Wrist handle - no screws The SAMSON and PEXTO trademarks are stamped into the bow; trust me:

SAMSON trademark on bow
A very fine steel rule die was used to stamp the chuck, leaving a readable but faint mark as shown below.  It says "SAMSON/THE PECK, STOW & WILCOX CO."  The jaws
SAMSON trademark on ball bearing chuck
Chuck view
Pad view
Chuck off