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Braces -  Another Type Study of Sorts
by George Langford

Overall view of PEXTO No.1002 brace
The 1001 model number & PEXTO trademark are stamped barely legibly in the bow near the chuck: P.S.&W.Co. and Model 1001

Although early PEXTO braces all had lignum vitae pads, this one's excellent pad is rosewood as seen at the center below:

Brace PEXTO-10 - P.S.&W.Co. No.1001


This twelve-inch swing brace has none of its original nickel plating, but there is now a rich brown patina on the smooth steel and iron.  The Ellrich patent ratchet housing has no patent date, nor does the Peck & Powers chuck, but the chuck has the retention screw that PEXTO added to prevent loss of the jaws.

Repaired pad bearing
The pad bearing had been crudely repaired with a piece of welding rod wrapped around the seat for the bearing cup to compensate for wear caused by the unintended rotation of the cup.  Evidently, the balls had been run utterly unlubricated for a long time. I faced off the bottom end of the housing as can just be seen at left, put in a full complement of new balls, and reworked the washer seat at the top of the bow to get the right clearance for the balls.  In the end I cut off 1/16th inch from the bow. I also added a hardened steel washer between the balls and the end of the casting that wasn't there originally. Runs great now.
The wrist handle's ferrules have no adjustment mechanism as do the earlier PEXTO braces, but the rosewood handle is in good condition.
Wrist handle
Chuck view
Pad view
Chuck detail