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PEXTO Braces -  Another Type Study of Sorts
by George Langford

Brace PEXTO-09 - P.S.&W.Co. No.1002
Price: $40.00 plus shipping.

PEXTO No.1002 brace
Pad view of brace
Almost all of the nickel plating remains excepting some patches on the spindle. The pad is Cuban mahogany (denser than Honduras mahogany, but with the same parallel rows of medullary rays); the wrist handle is rosewood. 

This brace is all original and fully functional, and wear is nearly absent, even in the jaws.

The Peck & Powers patent chuck is unmarked, as is the Ellrich patent ratchet housing. 
The pad is undamaged and its ball bearings are originals. 

See PextoEllrichPeckandPowers063.JPG for an earlier mdescription of the same brace.
Detail of Peck & Powers chuck
Ellrich ratchet detail
Underside of pad The model number is clearly marked:
Model number 1002
The fairly legible P.S.&W.Co. trademark  on the bow:
PEXTO logo