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  Peck, Stow & Wilcox ten inch sweep brace with patented ratchet & chuck. 

Reising & Peck patented brace
Other side
Head view
Ratchet patented Dec. 30,1884
Peck patent chuck apart
Both handles were made from American walnut:
No.274 [?]
Wrist handle
Model number
B&D-107 (a.k.a. PEXTO-19)
Price: $55.00 plus shipping

The the performance of the Reising-patent ratchet of this brace rivals that of later designs, such as thst of the North Bros. No.2100 series, because the operation is smoother, easier, and more robust. Obed Peck's patented chuck of 1881 carries the development of William Barber's original 1864 design past the Henry Stevens patent of 1880; John Fray added his experience with another version in 1884. The present brace's mechanical functions have stood the test of time and use, which the walnut handles demonstrate with many dings & scratches. I would have teken the chuck apart to show its inner workings, but it's the Dickens to reassemble. 

U.S. Patent No. 246,904
U.S. Patent No. 309,876