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Peck, Stow & Wilcox brace with Obed Peck patented chuck. 

Pexto brace with Obed Peck chuck
Other side
Head view
Chuck apart (composite image)
Both handles are American walnut:
The patent date is Sept. 13, 1881:
Walnut wrist handle
Patent date Sept.13, 1881
PEXTO-18 (a.k.a. B&D-108)
Price: $30.00 plus shipping 

Peck, Stow & Wilcox made this brace with Obed Peck's chuck, patented September 13, 1881, as stamped on the shell of the chuck along with the company name (somewhat mangled by a wrench mark). It is U.S. patent No. 246,904. Other than the partial obliteration of the PEXTO name, the rest of the brace has minimal toolbox dings, with no pitting and only some magnetite to give it the matte grey appearance it now has. The sweep is ten inches.

U.S. Pat. No. 246,904, dated Sept. 13, 1881
Transcribed from the patent:

Having described my invention, I claim--
   In a self-adjusting bit-stock, the slotted, screw-threaded, and bored core A, having the partition a2, the united jaws C C, having the pin c2, provided with spiral spring s, playing in said bore, andf the shell D, having the swelled outer end and the inside screw-thread, the said parts being constructed, combined, and operating substantially as shown and described.