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Farmall Super A & Farmall B tractor parts that have nearly all been sold
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Price; crating & shipping extra*
Farmall B front wheel assembly
Front wheel assembly
The Farmall B that I bought at auction (see additional details, below) had this completely functional front pedestal, which I removed along with the steering mechanism (next item) in order to install the Farmall Super A's wide front end on the Farmall B.  Both wheels turn freely; I have a pair of rather beat up steel wheels with very old tires which I will supply also with this item if you wish. Stored indoors.
Farmall B steering mechanism
Steering assembly
This is the steering machanism (without steering shaft & steering wheel) that I removed in working condition from the Farmall B as described above.  Also stored indoors.
Farmall B differential
shaft housing
Differential shaft housing
Left-side differential shaft housing from the Farmall B.
One half-inch chip at the inboard flange; stored indoors.
Farmall A or B rear
wheels - steel
Steel wheel No.1
Steel wheel No.2

Here are two steel wheels, one removed from the Farmall B and one, in poor condition, removed from the Farmall Super A.  The poor one will have to be weld repaired to restore the inner circle of bolt holes, as they are nearly rusted out.  The other wheel is better.  Price covers both wheels.
Super A rear wheel - cast iron
Cast iron wheel - outside view
Cast iron wheel - inside view
Outside view   ...   Inside view
I bought a spare cast iron (Farmall heavy left side) wheel when I thought I'd never be able to undo the rusted-tight wheel bolts on the Farmall Super A, but I eventually just twisted them off.  This is the original Super A wheel, which sat partially buried in the open field for an unknown length of time.  Priced accordingly.
Super A drawbar guide
Drawbar guide
This is the Super A's drawbar assembly.  Someone long ago repaired it with the two bars seen welded alongside. I used the Farmall B's drawbar instead, after cutting and shortening it.
Super A hydraulic lift mechanism
Super A hydraulic lift mechanism
The hydraulics are now utterly devoid of fluid, but the pistons both move freely.  I guarantee that you will have to install all new boots and seals ...
Super A power takeoff
Super A power takeoff & pulley drive
The power takeoff and pulley drive both turn freely, and the splines are still covered with grease, even after all the time that the Super A sat in that field ...
Super A Transmission
Super A transmission
The Super A's transmission turns and shifts freely; I haven't yet looked inside.  I've kept it stored under a tarp since its rescue from that field.

Note: Now that I've pulled the PTO assembly, I can see inside the final drive, and that looks OK, with nice shiny gear-tooth faces.  I'll soon be posting some new pictures.
Super A torque tube &
bell housing (all one piece)
Torque tube side view
Bell housing view

The Super A's backbone looks OK - no bullet holes - but I haven't disassembled it.
Super A seat
Super A seat
This is the Super A's seat; pedestals included.
Super A platform
Super A platform
The Super A's platform is intact and pretty much rust free, excepting the pedal guard, which is rusted out.
Super A steering shaft support arm, dashboard & control levers
Super A dashboard & lift levers
Although I'd long planned to swap the B's steering shaft support arm with the Super A's (shown at left) but that hasn't happened, so it's for sale now along with the levers, switches, and ammeter.

Note: I sold the lever assembly that once controlled the hydraulics, but the steering shaft support arm and dashboard (with its switches and ammeter) are still available.
Super A starter
Super A starter
Here's the Super A's starter. No guarantees.

Note: The last time I used my running tractor, the starter froze against the flywheel ring gear, so this starter is my back-up until I find out what's amiss.
On Hold
Steering wheel

"Starter kit" for restoration.
*Note: a typical crate will cost about $25; shipping will be by FedEx Ground at cost; maxium weight rules apply for each crate.
You can save the crating & shipping costs by picking the item(s) up at Zip Code 19312 (Southeast Pennsylvania).


Overall - Super A assembly
Quite a few years ago I retrieved an abandoned Farmall Super A tractor that had been stripped of its engine, radiator, gas tank, and upper sheet metal.  All that was left were the rear end, transmission, and wheels, plus the wide front axle, its wheels and the steering mechanism.  My aim was to build a working tractor for plowing my 350 foot driveway (to an interior suburban lot).  After pricing the missing pieces, I ventured forth.  No luck at a Rough & Tumble auction ... then I found a central PA tractor collector's auction and a Farmall B ... I watched an Allis Chalmers G go for serious money, but I was undeterred.  When the B came up, the auctioneer started the usual spiel ... no bids at $3000 ... $2500 ... $1500 ... $1200 ... $1100 ... whereupon that price was way below the total for my missing parts, so I raised my hand.  !!! the assembed dealers looked at me as though  they thought I was crazy ... and stood mute.  So the B became mine.  An uneventful ride on a Jerr-Dan truck brought the B to the very spot on my driveway seen in the first picture at left.  That's where I learned about the fuel shutoff valve ...

It took a year and 20,000 pounds hydraulic force to separate the defunct A's wide front end.  I stripped the rust that had locked it all together, painted it inside & out with zinc-based primer, swapped it with the B's narrow front end, and then discovered that the A's steering-gear-housing base was horribly cracked from too many Wheelies.  After a great many attampts at welding the cracks, all stymied by sulfur or phosphorus that invariably attacked the new weld metal, I gave up that battle and bought a used housing from Wenger's, who cheerfully replaced one that also proved defective.  The A's wide front end bolted right onto the B with no further hassle, except that I had to fudge a pipe-fitting bracket to support the A's steering shaft on the B's steering shaft support arm.  I then removed the left-side differential shaft housing from the B and substituted the A's stub shaft, thereby creating a mongrel Farmall A/B. 
Overall - Super A assembly
Here's the Farmall A/B and its snowplow (June, 1997).  There's a bottle jack arranged so as to lift the plow from the driver's seat. The plow was a Meyer's that I cut in half and mitered back together. I later patched the scraps onto the outer ends of the blade and faked rolled edges with some 7/16ths steel bars.  Works great.

Assembled Farmall A/B tractor with snow plow