North Cascades 1968 with the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh
Hiking into the North Cascades ...

Whatcom Peak topographic
The map at left shows our destination, Whatcom Peak.  This link shows the larger immediate area within our view during the climb.  The routes of the first day's hike and the second day's hike.

The maps are scanned from the Mt. Shuksan (1950) and Mt. Challenger (1953) 1:62,500 series USGS topographic maps of the State of Washington.  Here is the entire area of interest.  You can look at the Mt. Shuksan 1:24,000 series topographic map here.  Whatcom Peak can be found here

The first couple of days are a bit of a blur, considering that I am looking back over thirty-seven years that have elapsed since we were in the North Cascades.

Ken & Anne at our first camp
It rained every night and drizzled most of nearly every day in this leg of our trip.  It was as wet in the two weeks here as the first week (Lake Chelan to Glacier Peak) was dry.  My tent is the one at the extreme rear.  Does it look differently situated ?  It should; even though Rosemary & I were the last to arrive at each camping spot, we always got the best spot, defined (by me) as the dryest place.  The others picked the flattest spots.  I didn't mind being 5 percent uncomfortable if it meant getting up 100 percent dry.  The others were 100 percent comfortable and 100 percent wet.  There; my conscience is clear.
Here you can see the local climate as well as the convex shape of my tent site at far right.
The next four images show our typical days ... reading, wringing, shaving & eating.
Enlarged view of the first camp September 1968
KH getting dryer North Cascades September 1968
EM waiting for clearer weather North Cascades September 1968
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LS & MA getting spruced up North Cascades September 1968
Dinner first camp North Cascades September 1968
It wasn't always misting; this is Mt. Shuksan as seen across the Nooksack Ridge from Hannegan Pass.
Mt. Shuksan North Cascades September 1968
Brecchia North Cascades September 1968
Even though there are plenty of volcanoes in Washington, the alpine peaks also contain evidence of a volcanic past.  This is brecchia as revealed in a mountain brook.  There are no loose rocks in this image ...
On to Whatcom Pass ... North Cascades September 1968
On the way in, I carried some of the food & shelter to be shared with my companion.  Still, the pack you see here weighed sixty pounds, half her weight.  Mine was about a hundred more than that, what with tent, sleeping bag, crampons, ice axe, pitons, food for two, and camera, etc.  Whew.  My feet still hurt, thirty-seven years later.
Cascades below Ruth Mountain September 1968
The cascades seen here are of the sort that gave these mountains their name.
View beyond Whatcom Pass September 1968
Classic alpine valley, U-shaped by the galciers, with waterfalls and hanging valleys to spare.

This is what bursts into view upon reaching Whatcom Pass.

And Hiking back out of the North Cascades ...
Creek along the trail North Cascades September 1968
Coming back out, we crossed this small stream.

Below: Typical woodland views.  Moss and trees alike nourished by the abundant moisture and minerals leached from the glacier-ground rock.

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North Cascade woods September 1968
North Cascade woods September 1968
Civilization in the North Cascade woods September 1968
At left: Amenities. Below: Tapto Shelter..
Tapto Shelter, North Cascades, September 1968
Staying dry ... still ... in the North Cascades September 1968
At left is my tent, perched on a broad hummock, all set to keep us dry.