North Cascades 1968 with the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh
1. Getting Started

Grand Coulee dam September 1968
Flying to Seattle - Grand Coulee dam

The North Cascades from the air September 1968
Here's the first look we had of the Cascade Mountains in Washington in September, 1968.

We also studied the following two books well beforehand:
1. Routes and Rocks - Hiker's Guide to the North Cascades from Glacier Peak to Lake Chelan, by D.F.o Crowder and R.W. Tabor, The Mountaineers, Seattle, 1965; and
2. Climber's Guide to the Cascade and Olympic Mountains of Washington, by a Committee of the Cascade Section of the American Alpine Club, The American Alpine Club, 1961.

Riding the ferry up Lake Chelan September 1968
We bussed* to Chelan to catch the Lady of the Lake ferry for a charming boat ride fifty miles up the lake to Lucerne.

* Not sure how we got to Lake Chelan ... maybe we actually rented an automobile or automobiles ... This part ought to be a little easier now, 37 years later.
Mountains on the west side of Lake Chelan
We got great views of the mountains on the west side of the lake.

From Lucerne to Holden there's a matter of a little local transportation ...
Bonanza Peak from Railroad Creek September 1968
Here's our first view of our first goal: Bonanza Peak.

Here are some links to the mountain:

Description of a later climb via the Mary Green Glacier.

Another climb via the same route, by Bob Bolton.

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