McKenna Process Company
Plant formerly located in Joliet, Illinois - ca. 1920.
Nathaniel Pitt Langford
(Brother of George Langford, Sr.'s, father, Augustine Gallet Langford)

First National Bank of Helena - N.P. Langford signature
This deposit slip of the First National Bank of Helena [Montana's first bank, started in 1866] was filled out by Nathaniel Pitt Langford, brother of Augustine Gallet Langford, who was the father of George Langford, Sr., on August 10, 1868.  The $800 deposited may represent NP's salary as United States Collector of Internal Revenue for the Territory of Montana, a post he held off and on between 1864 and 1868.  Uncle Tan (as he is known by the Langford family) is shown below in about 1907 holding a bag of treats for Sydney Holmes Langford, wife of George Langford, Sr.  The head of her eager son, George, Jr., can barely be seen in the left foreground.
Nathaniel Pitt Langford with Sydney Holmes Langford ca 1907