McKenna Process Company
Plant formerly located in Joliet, Illinois - ca. 1920.
Image 19 - Inspecting rerolled rails
Inspecting rerolled rails - Overall
Image 19. Inspecting rerolled rails.  When finished, the 
are examined for length, quality and imperfections
straightening, chipping and drilling. Two men in the
background (left of center) are chipping and filing off
burrs made by the Hot Saws.

Details scanned from the original print:

a. Inspecting Rerolled Rails-Overall
b. Closer View
c. Men at Work
d. Ends of the Rails

Note: The rail-drilling station is under the open-
roofed shelter
in the right background of this
Closer View
Inspecting rerolled rails - Closer View
Men at Work
Inspecting rerolled rails - Men at Work
Inspecting rerolled rails - Ends of the Rails
Ends of the Rails
Here it can be clearly seen that there are new bolt holes (as
well as nopo traces of the original, worn holes) and that the
rail heads have symmetrical profiles. Several patents by
George, Sr. dealt with extremely worn rails by transforming
their profiles into aysymmetrical shapes; see
U.S. Patents
1,212,365, 1,212,366 and 1,212,964.