McKenna Process Company
Plant formerly located in Joliet, Illinois - ca. 1920.
Image 18 - Drilling new bolt-holes in the rerolled rail
Drilling new bolt holes in the rerolled rail - Overall
Image 18. Drilling new bolt-holes. The drilling-machine
is set at the same angle as the rail lying upon its side.
This insures rapid and accurate drilling.

Details scanned from the original print:
  a. Drilling New Bolt Holes-Overall
b. Driller at Work
c. Driller's Face
d. Chain Binder
e. Compressed Air (or Water) Line
f. Machine Detail

Note: There were systems of supporting guides
(made from old rails) which allowed the rails to
be moved about without having to be bodily lifted.
Those can be seen here and in Image 16 & Image 17.
Machine Detail

Drilling new bolt holes - Machine Detail
Driller at Work

Drilling new bolt holes - Driller at work
Driller's Face

Drilling new bolt holes - Driller's Face
Chain Binder

Drilling new bolt holes - Chain Binder
Compressed Air 
(or Water) Line
Drilling new bolt holes - Air or Water Line