McKenna Process Company
Plant formerly located in Joliet, Illinois - ca. 1920.

Autobiographical Data
St. Valentine's Day, February 14, 1929
by George Langford, Sr.

This was the day on which one gang of Chicago's rum-runners, run by Bugs Moran, was wiped out by another gang, controlled by Al Capone or some other unknown coterie of rival bootleggers.
I was nearby when it happened but did not realize what had been going on until later.
Business took me from Joliet to Chicago somewhere beyond 2100 North Clark Street.  The day was cold and blustery.  As I crossed a street, I heard a subdued rat-a-tat-tat ahead of me that sounded like a riveting hammer.  As I walked on, I stopped to let several men followed by two policemen pass to an automobile drawn up at the curb.  I supposed it to be an arrest and continued on my way without further thought of the matter.  But on my return to Joliet late that afternoon, I learned that it was not an arrest.  The "policemen" were gangsters disguised as police officers.  They had learned that Moran's rival gang was having a meeting in the garage where Moran serviced his bootlegging trucks.  The two psuedo-policemen entered quietly with drawn revolvers and ordered the seven inmates to line up face to the wall.  They carried a package which proved to be a machine gun.  Before Moran's men fully realized what was happening to them, the machine gun was in action, riddling them with bullets.  The two, so-called policemen then entered their car and drove away.  They must have done their job in a business-like gangster manner, for when I saw them emerge from the garage, I had no idea that this was anything but an ordinary arrest of drunks, theives, or other mild lawbreakers.  What I had heard in the distance and supposed to be the rattling noise of a riveter was the noise of a machine gun within the garage behind closed doors.
The murders were suspected but never apprehended, as was the way when rival gangsters got to killing each other.  Bugs Moran was not one of those killed.  He was somewhere else.