McKenna Process Company
Plant formerly located in Joliet, Illinois - ca. 1920.
Portraits of George Langford, Sr. throughout his adult life.
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George Langford, Sr. at Yale University. 
Below: Freshman stroke at the dock, 1895, after losing a race.

George Langford, Sr. - Freshman Stroke - Yale - 1895
Senior - Sheffield Scientific School, 1897.
George Langford, Sr. - Senior Portrait - Sheffield School - Yale, 1897
George Langford, Sr. McKenna Process Company Engineer & Father of Two - 1905
At left: George Langford, Sr., McKenna Process Company Engineer, amputee
and father of two, just back from England, 1905.

Below: George, Sr., with the huge Minooka Mastadon tusk, 1921.

George Langford, Sr. with Minooka Mastadon Tusk - 1921
George Langford, Sr., Cracking open a nodule at the Mazon Creek fossil beds, 1938
George Langford, Sr., cracking open a nodule at the spoil heaps of the coal strip mines in Will County, Illinois, in 1938.  He was joined in this venture by George, Jr., who helped out by carrying his share of the nodules in the five-gallon pails.  George, Sr., with only one arm, carried his own share of the nodules in the postman's leather bags in the foreground.  It was easier to bring the nodules to a convenient processing place than carrying them all the way back to Joliet before opening them.

George, Sr., was an avid photographer throughout his adult life. He even left an important collection of photographs of Yale University campus life at the Yale Library.  The camera case is open in the right foreground. 

George Langford, Sr., Curator of Plant Fossils, Field Museum, 1959
After closing the McKenna Process Company for good in 1946, George Langford, Sr., was appointed Curator of Plant Fossils at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.  He is shown here in 1959, contemplating his manuscript of the second of two books on the Mazon Creek fossils, found as shown above, which were published by the Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois (ESCONI) in 1958 and in 1963. 

The first is The Wilmington Coal Flora from a Pennsylvanian Deposit in Will County, Illinois; and the second is The Wilmington Coal Fauna and Additions to the Wilmington Coal Flora from a Pennsylvanian Deposit in Will County, Illinois.  There is an extensive pictorial catalog of the Mazon Creek fossils preserved at the Illinois State Museum.

The George Langfords, Junior and Senior, 1959. 

George Langford, Jr., and George Langford, Sr., 1959
George Langford, Sr. with George, III's mother, Dr. Maria A. Langford and George, Jr. 1963.
George Langford, Sr., George, II's mother, Dr. Maria A. Langford, and George Langford, Jr., 1963
George, Sr., George, III's parents, and Grandmother Sydney Holmes Langford
This 1963 setting at my grandparent's LaSalle Street apartment in Chicago, Illinois, was the last time I saw George, Sr. alive.  The paintings on the walls were all by Sydney Holmes Langford, George, III's grandmother, seated at the right.  Mr. & Mrs. George Langford, Jr. are sitting on the couch.

Drawing below by George Langford, Sr.:

Whimsical art about Pleistoocene mammals by George Langford, Sr.