Section VI - Withers Data Bank One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
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GL, Jr. notes & abstracts Major outside sources
Withers Data Bank - Volume II                                          (Volume I ends at Page 0249)

GL,Jr.: Analysis of 1810 Census, Culpeper County, Virginia - comparing data for Daniel Weaver to that for Daniel Withers - concluding that they are not the same person

Theodore L. (Ted) Brownyard: note of February 18, 1986 to GL,Jr. - promising to check the 1810 census of Virginia for Daniel Withers data

Ted Brownyard: letter of March 4, 1986 to GL,Jr. - negative results for the 1810 census of Virginia, noting  that the 1810 census for Orange County and seventeen other Virginia counties are missing, but that there is a "Supplement to the 1810 Census of Virginia" which substitutes tax lists for those missing counties; note following pages with references to Withers persons

Virginia 1810 Census Index, edited by Ronald Vern Jackson and Gary Ronald Teeples, published by Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc., Bountiful, Utah - title page; data shown in the following fields

Persons surnamed Wethers: Allen (Stafford County), Benjamin (Stafford County), Charles (Stafford County), Enoch K. (Fauquier County) , James (Stafford County), John (Fauquier County), Margaret (Stafford County), T. Thomas (King George County), Thomas (Stafford County)

0254 (no link)
Persons surnamed Withers: Augustine (Fauquier County), Charles (Fauquier County), David (Dinwiddie County), Edward (Stafford County), Enock D. (Fauquier County), George W. (Fauquier County), James (Fauquier County), James (Culpeper County), Jesse  (Fauquier County), John (Culpeper County), Joseph (Fauquier County), Matthew K. (Fauquier County), Sarah (Fauquier County), Spencer (Culpeper County), William (Fauquier County)

0255 (no link)
Index to the 1810 Virginia Census - Heads of Families Listed in the Third Census of the United States, compiled by Madeleine W. Crickard, McClain Printing Company, Parsons, West Virginia, 1971

0256 (no link)
Persons named Withers in Dinwiddie County: David W. (head), Thomas (child ?)

0256A (no link)
Persons named Withers in Jefferson County: Joseph

0258 (no link)
Persons named Withers in Fairfax County: no one

0259 (no link)
Persons named Withers in Stafford County: Allen (head), Charles (child ?), Edward (child ?)
Persons named Wethers in Stafford county: Benjamin (head), George (child ?), James (child ?), Margaret (child ?), Thomas (child ?)

0260A(no link)
Persons named Weaver in Culpeper County: Daniel (head), Ephraim (child), Matthias (child ?)
Persons named Weathers in Culpeper County: James (head) and Jesse (child ?)
Persons named Withers in Culpeper County: James (head) John (child ?) and Spencer (child ?)

0263 (no link)
Index to the 1810 Census of Virginia, compiled by Elizabeth Petty Bentley, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1980

Persons named Withers: Alan 46 Stafford County, Augustine 387 Fauquier County, Charles 413 Fauquier County, David W. 168 Dinwiddie County, Edward 25 Stafford County, Enoch K. 340 Fauquier County, George W366 County, James 87 Culpeper County, James 400 Fauquier County, Jesse 413 Fauquier County, John 87 Culpeper County, John 349 Fauquier County, Joseph 62 Jefferson County, Lewis 340 Fauquier County, Matthew K. 419 Fauquier County, Nathaniel 165 Dinwiddie County, Sarah 413 Fauquier County, Spencer 90 Culpeper County, Thomas 167 Dinwiddie County, Thomas T. 23 King County, William 412 Fauquier County

0261A (no link)
GL,Jr.: letter of March 12, 1986 to Ted Brownyard on the possibility that men named Weaver or Weathers listed in the census results might lead to Daniel Withers, such as the Daniel Weaver enumerated above; and that Charles County, Maryland and Prince George's County, Maryland are right on the edge of Stafford County, Virginia, making these good census counties in which to look for Daniel Withers

Ted Brownyard: note of March 22, 1986 responding to the above thoughts and including as photocopy of the pertinent page from the 1810 Culpeper County census, showing the listing for Dan'l Weaver

GL,Jr.: notes dated March 3, 1986 from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography; Vol. VI, 1898, pp.309-313 - records of early generations in Stafford County, Virginia; Vol.VII, 1899, pp.87-91 - James Withers will probated November 13, 1808, lists sons Daniel Withers and Reuben Withers as the Executors of his estate; and Vol.'s VIII through XXV (1917) contain no mention of Daniel Withers

GL,Jr.: letter of March 4, 1986 to the Genealogical Editor of the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, asking about descendants of James Withers 1784 ... with the prompt, but negative reply from Frances Fugate, Reference Librarian
GL,Jr.: letter of April 3, 1986 to a Ms. Nice in Upland, California asking for data on the obituary collection mentioned in her ad in the Genealogical Helper  ... with the prompt, but negative reply from Mrs. Cristine Nice, who collects only recent obituaries
GL,Jr.: compilation of references to Daniel Withers on the following Withers pages and sources:
Casenove Lee, 0033, November 6, 1940, land parcels; Julia Withers, 0062, January 14, 1898 (nothing on Daniel Withers); Withers chart, 0064; Letter to Lou Hough, 0066, March 18, 1980 regarding Casenove Lee; Melvin Lee Steadman's access to unseen records, 0078; and Mr. Steadman's chart on 0114

GL,Jr.: letter of November 26, 1985 to Librarian, Fauquier County Library, asking for the business card of a genealogist familiar with her county's records; positive reply received from Ava K. Lee

GL,Jr.: ensuing letter of December 22, 1985 to Joan M. Peters regarding Daniel Withers, Pickett, Hawkins, and other family lines

GL,Jr.: letter of January 17, 1986 to Joan W. Peters with thanks & check enclosed ... and her bills
Joan W. Peters: letter of December 23, 1985 - January 13, 1986 to GL,Jr. with the requested research results, including Daniel Withers service as a marriage bondsman, 1803-1821, signing a consent for the marriage of Adelaide E.L. Hawkins in 1811, witness to marriages, 1803 & 1804, Clerk of Court, 1813-1821, engaging in land transactions, 1814-1827 & 1831 after his death, in the tax records (first deceased in 1828) ... and suggesting further search for a chancery suit involving Eliza J.M. Withers and her minor children before her marriage to Peter Pierce

Joan W. Peters: note of March 2, 1986 listing the inventory of the estate of the late James Withers, dated in 1809 and 1810

Joan W. Peters: Court records of the bond put up by Daniel Withers as Executor of the estate of James Withers

John K. Gott: letter of March 4, 1986 to Joan W. Peters regarding data on Daniel Withers in Franz Recum's book, Wither -- America, Descendants in the Male Line of James Withers (1680/1- 1746) of Stafford County, Virginia

Joan W. Peters: transcription, dated March 2, 1986 of James Withers, Sr.'s will, probated December 26, 1808; see 0320-0321
Joan W. Peters: bibliography & short abstracts of court records purchased up to ca. March 2, 1986

GL,Jr.: letter of March 12, 1986 to Joan W. Peters describing the research of Ted Brownyard and thanking her for her excellent efforts in trying to ascertain Daniel Withers date of death

Joan W. Peters: letter of January 3, 1986 with some very interesting reasoning about the whereabouts of Daniel Withers, where the location might have been where he was married to Eliza J.M. Hawkins, and the two sons who ought to have been enumerated with him in the 1820 census of Fauquier County; and the May 30, 1828 court minutes where the death of Daniel Withers was suggested

Fauquier County: Index to Wills, James Withers, among others

Joan W. Peters, Albemarle Associates, invoice for document purchases & research times and summary report

Joan W. Peters: transcription dated March 2, 1986 of a court document recorded January 30, 1833 pertaining to the estate of James Withers and appointing Pickett Withers as the new Executor

Joan W. Peters: transcription dated March 4, 1986 of a court document recorded March 15, 1830 regarding a 315-acre tract of land bought by Peter Pierce

Joan W. Peters: transcription dated March 2, 1986 of a complaint filed February 25, 1835 by Pickett Withers and Martin Withers regarding the estate of James Withers and incidentally mentioning the death of Daniel Withers without actually stating the date, left blank in the court record, but mentioning that after [that date] on May 27, 1828 the administration of the estate was taken over by Marshall Smith, etc.

Joan W. Peters: transcription of a deed dated February 24, 1834 for land on which Eliza J.M. Withers then resided with her minor children Adilaide Withers, Maria Withers, and John Scott Withers

Joan W. Peters: transcription of a deed dated May 3, 1837 for a 234+ acre tract of land held in trust by Absalom Hickerson for the use of Eliza J.M. Withers and her minor children Adilaide Withers, Maria Withers, and John Scott Withers ... then sold by Peter Pierce and wife Eliza J.M. (Withers) Pierce to Robert Armistead; the document gives the married name of the daughter Adelaide as Greenlease (Charles H.F. Greenlease)

Joan W. Peters: transcription dated March 2, 1986 of the deed of sale of a negro male, Moses, from the estate of James Withers to Eliza J.M. Pierce for the use of her (during her natural life) and for the use of Adelaide G. Withers, Maria Withers, and John Scott Withers afterwards, the deed recorded August 8, 1837

Daniel Withers official 4,000-pound bond document dated October 23, 1815, committing Daniel Withers and Zepheniah R. English; see 0285

Agreement between Marshall Smith and Pickett Withers regarding the estate of James Withers, dated January 30, 1833

Indenture of January 12, 1833

Indenture of February 24, 1834 involving Eliza J.M. Withers, Adilaide Withers, Maria Withers and John Scott Withers; see 0305
Complaint by Pickett Withers and Martin Withers transcribed in 0303,0308,0304
Inventory of the estate of James Withers; see the transcription at 0284,0283

Last Will & Testament of James Withers, signed November 23, 1808 and witnessed by George Eastham, Vincent Garner, and James Sinclair; and proven by Daniel Withers

GL,Jr.: long letter of February 5, 1986 to Joan W. Peters regarding her research on Daniel Withers, asking for a copy of the will of James Withers (i.e., 0320-0321); asking about a chancery suit on November 27, 1821 in which Daniel Withers was involved; an 80-acre tract that Daniel Withers put up as security for the $1,000 bond when he was appointed Clerk of Court on September 13, 1813; Fauquier County tax records; etc. [two versions of the same letter - GL,III, ed.]

GL,Jr.: notes made in preparation for the above letter.

Joan W. Peters: letter of January 29, 1986 to GL,Jr. detailing the difficulties with Fauquier County ancient records - burned, never kept, lost, etc.

GL,Jr.: notes regarding the locations of Daniel Withers data sources, as follows:
Birth, ca. 1782 in Fauquier County - see Recum, 0109,0110,0111; Marriage, ca.1810-1815 - or ca.1810, as first child born ca.1812 - see 0064; and Death, ca. 1825-1830 in Fauquier County - or ca.1827-1828 - Fauquier County tax lists - see 0124 or between March 28, 1827 and May 14, 1828 in Fauquier County Deeds - see 0157, etc.

GL,Jr.: notes to look for Daniel Withers death dates in obituaries, cemetery records, and NS collections

GL,Jr.: Daniel Withers responsibilities, a detailed listing with names, functions and dates

GL,Jr.: notes regarding Daniel Withers ownership of the 80-acre land parcel described in Deed Book 1, p.33, dated September 13, 1813 and used to secure his $1,000 bond as Court Clerk of Fauquier County

GL,Jr.: notes regarding Daniel Withers land transactions and calculating the net amount remaining after each transaction

GL,Jr.: scribbled notes regarding the auction to Daniel James of several land parcels (17 acres, 6 acres and 210 acres) and the grist mill and One Slipe [spelling ? - GL,III, ed.]; on the reverse - a listing of Bonds, Deeds and other transactions by date from 1813 to 1832 [not chronologically arranged - GL,III, ed.]

GL,Jr.: listing of Daniel Withers appearances in tax records of Fauquier county; alive; deceased; and of Eliza J.M. Withers after her marriage to Peter Pierce on September 17, 1834

GL,Jr.: listing of dates of deeds and other court documents and their locations in this Withers Data bank

GL,Jr.: Daniel Withers in the 1820 Fauquier County census
GL,Jr.: genealogy of John Scott, the judge under whom Daniel Withers first served as Court Clerk, and for whom Daniel named his only son, John Scott Withers,, born in 1814; Scott had married, on February 12, 1805, Elizabeth Pickett, born 1780, died September 16, 1862.  Elizabeth was the daughter of  Martin Pickett, born 1736, died 1804 and Ann B. Blackwell, born 1747, died 1800

GL,Jr.: note regarding Martha Anne Rogers, who married Kent Lloyd Withers

GL,Jr.: sketch maps of two alternate routes from Harrisonburg to Warrenton, Virginia; a sketch of the courthouse location; and contact numbers for hotels and Mrs. Marilyn Brown, Deputy Clerk, Circuit Court of Fauquier County, Warrenton, Virginia 22186

GL,Jr.: Researchers registered in the Fauquier County library: M.V. Hammersmith, Chino, California; Mrs. V.C. Elms, Kevil, Kentucky; and Lloyd House, Alexandria Library, Alexandria, Virginia - "Alexandria Gazette"

GL,Jr.: letter of May 18, 1981 to Lou Hough, referring to Daniel Withers as their great-great-great grandfather and prefacing the Withers Excursus to his Massey book, and questioning Lou about  the degree of detail of Daniel's life that should be included, whether he should include the biography of James Withers, Daniel's father, the size of the list of published Withers records, and giving himself, Lou, and Aunt Julia Withers as the primary sources of personal information; why it could be that Daniel Withers died without a will, yet the administration of his estate left no probate records; and the state of the Massey book

Lou Hough: letter of June 4, 1981 to GL,Jr. endeavoring to answer the above questions and appending a list of microfiche cards at the Church of Latter-Day Saints (i.e., Mormon) Library at Denver, Colorado and data found May 26, 1981 for Withers (Daniel named in will of James Withers); Porter (married Jesse Withers on August 6, 1789); Pierce (none listed in Fauquier County); Pickett (two daughters of Martin Pickett); Scott (genealogy mentioned in 0337); Hawkins (no mention of Eliza J.M. Hawkins); and Smith (John Adams Washington married Maria Love Hawkins February 10, 1806 in Fauquier County)

GL,Jr.: letter of June 10, 1981 to Lou Hough regarding Braddock Withers, for whom Capt. James Withers named John Withers as guardian in his 1808 will, making Braddock Capt. Withers son ... probably, etc.