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Section VI - Massey Data Bank One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

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Major outside sources
Blackwood Data Bank
George Langford, Jr.'s Source Notes, obtained with the aid of genealogist Mr. Jason Bordeaux
and the History Room Librarian Ms. Gretchen B. Witt from the Rowan County Public Library, Salisbury, North Carolina.

GL,Jr.: 1943 research with New England Historic & Genealogical Society (NEHGS) library book, W.R. Wilson, Old Kentucky Entries & Deeds, Louisville 1926: none for any Blackwood; First Census of the US, 1790: North Carolina data lists several Blackwood families; Mrs. H.K. McAdams, Kentucky Pioneer & Court Records, 1929, Lexington Kentucky: Marriages of Joseph Blackwood to Sarah Meald, 3 Jun.1807, Marcissa Blackwood to Abraham Vanarsdall, 14 Oct.1829, and Lucinda Blackwood to Robert C. McKarney 8 May 1828; W.M. Clemens, North & South Carolina Marriage Records, 1927: Gideon Blackwood to Ann Blackwood, 14 Nov.1811, Joseph Blackwood to Peggy Haynes, 17 Apr.1824, Mary Blackwood to William Boyle, 15 Nov.1797, Susannah Blackwood to John Holmes, 9 Dec.1793, and Thomas Blackwood to Harriet Quelch, 23 Apr.1801; US Census of 1800 & 1830, Rowan County, NC (taken by Philip Mack Smith of Washington, DC) families of Richard Blackwood, Isaac Blackwood & Joseph Blackwood; J.R.B. Hathaway, North Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register, Edenton, NC, 1900: William Blackwood is legatee of Dr. George Allen; Feb.1945 research at Newberry Library, Chicago: D.A.R. Magazine, Marriage Bonds of Rowan County North Carolina: John Holmes to Susannah Blackwood, 9 Dec.1793 (surety by Isaac Blackwood, witnessed by John & Lydia Blackwood)

GL,Jr.: 1945 research with NEHGS books: A.W. Burns, Maryland Genalogies & Historical Recorder, 1942, Washington, DC: Phineas Blackwood events; Joseph A. Waddell, Annals of Augusta County Virginia 1726-1871, 1902, Staunton, Virginia: ancestors of Samuel Blackwood; Lyman Chalkley, Augusta County Virginia Court Abstracts 1745-1800, 1912, Rosslyn, Virginia: 1798 will of Samuel Blackwood; 1774 will of John Hunter (Samuel Blackwood was aa testator of the estate); US Census of 1800 for Rowan County NC (by Philip Mack Smith): families of Richard Blackwood & Isaac Blackwood

GL,Jr.: 1945 research with NEHGS library books: Lyman Chalkley, Augusta County Virginia Court Abstracts 1745-1800, 1912, Rosslyn, Virginia: 1778 will of William Blackwood; 1796 will of William Armstrong (for which William Blackwood was a testator); 1776 sale bill to William Blackwood; 1808 will of John Black (of which Samuel Backwood was an executor); 1753 sale of 105 acres by Thomas Blackwood & Ann to Samuel; 1769 -  Samuel Blackwood was a testator to sale of 105 acres on Great River of Calfpasture; US Census data (from Philip Mack Smith) for Richard Blackwood family in Iredell County North Carolina

GL,Jr.: 1970 research at Wythe County and Botetourt County Virginia Court Houses: no searches made for Blackwood names; research at Rowan County North Carolina Court House: 1809 will of John Blackwood (of whom Thomas Holmes is a grandson);  also marriage records for John Blackwood to Mahitabel Lortham, 18 Jan.1832, Mary Blackwood to Pleasant Oliver, 5 Jun.1812; Rebekah Blackwood to Martin Speak, 8 Feb.1790; Elizabeth Blackwood to William Taylor, 2 Nov. 1798; and Anney Blackwood to Thomas Whitaker, 9 Jan.1808; research at Salisbury Public Library (by Mrs. McCubbins): 1786 land grant of 200 acres to John Blackwood; land trasfer of 186 acres adjacent to John Blackwood, witnessed by Benjamin Blackwood & Jeremiah Patrick

GL,Jr.: 1970 research at Rowan County Public Library: Historical Records: Old tax lists with John Blackwood (1787), Isaac Blackwood (1796 & 1798); abstracted order books 1753-1795: no Blackwoods in the index volume; Anson County North Carolina: no mention of Blackwood in wills, 1790-1830; Fred A. Olds, Abstracts of North Carolina Wills ca.1760-ca.1800; Grimes Abstracts 1663-1760: 1780 will in Tryon & Lincoln County, Joseph Blackwood to sons John, James & William; 1770 will in Orange County, William Blackwood to wife Elizabeth & sons James, John & William, daughters Martha, Mary, Janet, Elizabeth, Ann & Margaret; William Montgomery Clemens, North & South Carolina Marriage Records from Earliest Colonial Records to the Civil War, 1927, New York: Mary Blackwood to William Boyle, 15 Nov.1797; and Susannah Blackwood to John Holmes, 9 Dec.1793; The North Carolinian: William Blackwood on a 1775 tax list for Orange County North Carolina; Wills of Tryon & Lincoln County North Carolina 1769-1824: 1780 will of Joseph Blackwood (whose eldest son John was underage); US Census of 1800 listed Richard Blackwood & Isaac Blackwood as heads of families

GL,Jr.: Nov.1970 research at the Rowan County Public Library in Mrs. McCubbins notes: Rowan County Deed book: 1821 sale of 94 acres on Hunting Creek adjoining land of John Blackwood; Davie County North Carolina Marriages: Camilla Blackwood to William C. Nash, 29 Aug.1852; Tryon & Lincoln County North Carolina Marriage Bonds: Gideon Blackwood to Atty Mawney, 1 Mar.1837; Anna Blackwood to John Frondberger, 20 Jul.1824; Elizabeth Blackwood to Thomas Crow, 13 Sep.1830; Margaret Blackwood to Alexander C. Gunn, 12 Sep.1827; Mary Blackwood to John Oats, 15 Dec.1782; and Polly Blackwood to James W. Clark, 2 Aug.1828; Rowan County Deed book: 1836 sale of cotton gins to John J (I ?) Blackwood; US Census of 1810 for Rowan County North Carolina list John Blackwood and Robert Blackwood as heads of families

GL,Jr.: Nov.1970 research at Rowan County, North Carolina Court House: Rowan County Deed book: Mortage of negro boy Meshack trained as a blacksmith to John J. Blackwood; 1821 sale of land on Hunting Creek by Benjamin Blackwood which he inherited from John Blackwood; no land entries for Blackwood in 1778-1817; research at Rowan Public Library: Mrs, Memory Allreigs Lester, Bible Records: Lineage of William Blackwood (wife Betsy _____, children James, John, William II, Martha, Mary, Peggy, Annie & Jennie and their spouses) to William Blackwood II (married Margaret King, children Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary, Martha, Janette, Ann. Peggy, Isabel, Sarah, Nancy, William, James, Katwrah, Johnston & Frances and their spouses)

GL,Jr.: Nov.1970 research at Rowan County Library: Ruth Herndon Shields, Orange County North Carolina Will Abstracts 1712-1800: 1783 will of John King, for which William Blackwood was an executor; US Census of 1790 for North Carolina: Listed as heads of families are: Samuel Blackwood of lincoln County, William, Thomas & James Backwood, all of Mecklenburg County, John &  Robert Holmes, Hezekiah, William & Jeremiah Patrick, all of Rowan County; and persons James Blackwood & William Blackwood, both owning acreage in St. Thomas district; research at Iredell, Davie, or Anson County Court Houses: no Blackwood names in either the Deed or Will books

GL,Jr.: Nov.1970 research at Rowan County Public Library in Mamie McCubbins Collection; re Jones 1815) signature proven by John Blackwood in sale of 64 acres on Hunting Creek; re Cole (1830) John Blackwood signs marriage bond of William Cole to Elizabeth Smith; re Speake (1790) marriage bond of Martin Speak to Rebekah Blackwood 8 Feb.1790; re Brown #1 (1833) John Blackwood, Esq. signs marriage bond of Elizabeth Brown to James Taylor; re Taylor (1786) sale of 119 acres on Hunting Creek adjoining land of John Blackwood; sale (1820) of 328 acres on Hunting Creek adjoining land of John Blackwood; Mar.1971 NEHGS library book, Ruth Smith Williams & Margaret Glenn Griffin, Abstracts of Wils of Edgecombe County, North Carolina 1733-1856, 1956, Rocky Mount, North Carolina: no Blackwood references in the entire book

GL,Jr.: Summary of source records of Orange County, North Carolina data for William Blackwood, Peggy Blackwood; Surry County North Carolina - two state grants of 600 acres to Augustin Backwood; Mecklenburg County Wills of 1793 for Thomas Blackwood and for Joseph Blackwood

GL,Jr.: Apr.1971 research at Orange County, North Carolina Court House; Will Book A-129: William Blackwood 8 Oct.1772 will; Deed Book 1-141: on 12 Nov.1754 William Blackwood buys a 300 acre tract, recorded as 325 acres on Oldfield's Creek & Waters of Newhope; Deed Book 1-58: on 14 Mar.1755 William Blackwood is granted 480 acres on both sides of Buffalo Creek

GL,Jr.: Apr.1971 research at Orange County, North Carolina Court House; Deed Book 1-155: on 9 Jun.1756 William Blackwood buys 640 acres on both sides of Newhope & Oldfield Creek; Deed Book 2-229: on 28 Aug.1776 William Blackwood, planter, & wife Peggy sell 220 acres, part of a 640 acre tract on Oldfield Creek & Newhope that William Blackwood, deceased, purchased; Deed Book 10-278: on 21 Sep.1801 William Blackwood sells 100 acres in Orange County; Deed Book 15-343 on 25 Jan.1813 William Blackwood gives 100 acres on the west bank of Oldfield creek to his son John Blackwood; Deed Book 15-343: on 30 Jan.1813 William Blackwood sells 247 acres to John Blackwood; Deed Book 16-198: on 2 Jun.1800 William Blackwood is granted 347 acres on the waters of New Hope B-026
GL,Jr.: Apr.1971 research at Orange County, North Carolina Court House; various William, James, John, Peggy Blackwood names, appointments, deeds, etc.
GL,Jr.: Apr.1971 research at Orange County, North Carolina Court House; Hugh Lefler & Paul Wager, Orange County, North Carolina, 1752-1952: William Blackwood is granted land on Buffalo Creek in 1752 in the Eno community ... Blackwood & Freeland in Little River & New Hope Creek sections, ca. mid 1770's; Deed Book 16-199: on 15 May 1815 John Blackwood is granted 200 acres in Orange County; Deed Book 16-255: on 30 Jul.1813 William Blackwood, Sr. sells a 34 acre tract on New Hope Creek; Deed Book 18-155: on 11 Feb.1820 William Blackwood, Sr. gives 148 acres to his son William Blackwood, Jr. on New Hope Creek, witnessed by Francis Blackwood B-029
GL,Jr.: Apr.1971 research at Orange County, North Carolina Court House; 1820 deed of 1-1/2 acres by William Blackwood, Senior, signed by William Blackwood and proven by John Blackwood; 1826 deed of 70 acres by William Blackwood, Senior to his son Johnston Blackwood, witnessed by David R. Blackwood; 1821 deed of 47-1/2 aacres by William Blackwood, Senior, and William Blackwood, Junior, witnessed by James Blackwood; 1775 Orange County, North Carolina tax listing for William Blackwood; 1779 Orange County North Carolina taxpayer list includes John, William & James Blackwood; New Hope Church Cemetery, Hillsboro North Carolina includes headstones for David K. Blackwood, b.19 Oct.1804,d. 4 Jul.1859, Tabitha M. Blackwood, b.30 Jan. 1802, d. 8 Mar.1886 (wife of David K. Blackwood), and W.C. Blackwood, b.1806, d.1870
GL,Jr.: Apr.1971 research at Orange County, North Carolina Court House; New Hope Church Cemetery, North Carolina: David,Martha, Tabitha & W.C. Blackwood; Court Minutes, Wiliam Blackwood & John Barbee; old houses of Johnston & William Blackwood; old settlements in New Hope (by Ms. Mattie S. Blackwood: family relationships among William & Mary Blackwood and William Craig & John Craig; William Blackwood m. Betsy: eight named children
GL,Jr. Apr.1971 research at North Carolina State Library, Raleigh; Orange County, North Carolina lists of taxable property for the years 1780, 1781, 1782 for John, William, & James Blackwood; Lists of St. Thomas District naming John, James & William Blackwood for the years 1785 through 1792
GL,Jr.: Jun.1971 research at North Carolina State Library, Raleigh; Orange County, North Carolina Court minutes naming John, William & Richard Blackwood for the years 1777 through 1795
GL,Jr.: Jun.1971 research at North Carolina State Library, Raleigh; Orange County, North Carolina Court minutes naming William Blackwood; North Carolina Land Grant Office, Raleigh; Rowan County warrant & survey plat naming John Blackwood ... assigned to John Irwin

Section VI - Massey Data Bank One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

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GL, Jr. notes & abstracts Major outside sources
Gilbert Data Bank
George Langford, Jr.'s Source Notes, obtained with the aid of genealogist Mr. Jason Bordeaux
and the History Room Librarian Ms. Gretchen B. Witt from the Rowan County Public Library, Salisbury, North Carolina.

Harry Kennett McAdams: Kentucky Pioneers & Court Records, 1929 Lexington Kentucky G-1
GL,Jr.: Feb.-Mar.1933, research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Marriage Records in Fayette County, Kentucky: Sarah A. Gilbert (daughter of Henry Gilbert) married Jno. Homes 1 Dec.1836; Marriages in Ohio, Kentucky: John Gilbert married Jemina Turner, 18 Feb.1802; First Census of Virginia: Families of Henry Gilbert in Surry County; Gilbert heads of household in Amherst County 1782: Mary, Henry, Josiah, Ezekiel, Thomas, Richard & Sally 1783; First Census of Maryland: Henry Gilbert household in Queen Annes County 1790; Staffell, Records of the Civil War: Michael Gilbert & Benjamin Gilbert; Virginia Co. Records V.2: John Gilbert, Louisa County 1763; 1758 Bedford County Gilberts: Thomas, Daniel (two), Benjamin, Acquilla, Samuel (two); 1687 militiaman Roger Gilbert; John Gilbert granted 100 acres in Sussex County in 1755; Joseph Gilbert was a private
GL,Jr.: Mar.1933, research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Virginia County Records N.S.1 F863.948: Westoreland County wills of: 1717 Michael Gilbert (sons William John & Michael, gradson William Shortridge, wife Jane); 1765 Michael Gilbert (sons William & Thomas, daughter Sarah Morton, wife Mary); 1778 Jane Gilbert (daughter Agnes Harrison, son _____ _____); 1786 Magdalene Harrison (son Jeremiah, daughter Hannah Gilbert, husband Samuel Harrison, deceased); 1785 William Gilbert (sons William Samuel, daughter Nancy, wife Hannah, unborn child); 1775 Martha Gilbert (sister Mary, brother in law William Morton); Feb.1933 research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Muster Rolls of Maryland Troops in the American Revolutionary War: Henry Gilbert, ordinary seaman on the ship Defense 19 Sep.1776; Henry Gilby ordinary sailer on the ship Defense, Maryland Navy; Henry Gilby, Private 5th Maryland Regiment, enlisted 1777 - discharged 1780; Henry Gilby, Private with the 1st Cavalry Aug.1780 - Jan.1781; Henry Gilby, Private in 3rd Company 1st Battalion, Maryland Line under Capt. William Rieley; Henry Gilby, Private, served between Aug.1780 & Jan.1782, Jan.1782-Jan.1783, and Jan.1783-Nov.1783; Kentucky State Historical Society Register: John Hawkins  among Heads of families, Fayette County, Kentucky in 1810 with 10 in family and 11 slaves; Robert Gilbert claimed 1,000 acres in Kentucky (improving in 1774, dated 23 Feb.1780); Samuel Gilbert was a pioneer at Boonesborough; John Gilbert had 480 acres on ___dy River and 100 acres on Elk Lick; Micah Gilbert was on Madison County Kentucky tax lists in 1792 with one white male over 21, one horse/mule/mares, 10 cattle & 50 acres; Samuel Gilbert a disposee on 1 Aug.1803 in Madison County G-3
GL,Jr.: Mar.1933, research at Newberry Library, Chicago: First Census of the US Virginia 1782: Gilbert heads of household in various places; Collins, History of Kentucky: Robert Gilbert as a military "adventurer" in 1774; Abijiah Gilbert in Owsley County, Kentucky in 1850; James Gilbert in Spencer County, Kentucky in 1846; Jesse C. Gilbert in Marshall County, Kentucky in 1831-1835; John Gilbert lived to 115 yars old in Clay County, Kentucky and was a Senator 1833-1837; Charles Gilbert in Graves County, Kentucky in 1843; Virginia Co. Records: Ezekiel Gilbert married Winifred Gibson 4 Sep.1772; Ezekiel Gilbert married Eizabeth Lawson 1 Aug.1749; Feix Gilber married Ann Grant 19 Oct.1761; Maryland Calendar of Wills: 1739 will of Garwas or Garirs Gilbert names wife, sons & daughters; 1743 will of Joshua Gilbert  names wife & children; 1725 will of John Gilbert names wife, son & daughter; 1728 will of Thomas Gilbert names wife, daughter & brother; 1713 will of Thomas Gilbert names wife & sons; 1706 will of John Gilbert names wife & sons; in 1674 will of Nicholas Tobey, Jno. Gilbert is a testator

GL,Jr.: Mar.1933 research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Marriages in Fayette County Kentucky: Henry Gilbert married S. Arcambal 23 Jan.1819; Sarah A. Gilbert married John Holmes 1 Dec.1836; Maryland Archives: debts, marriages, assessments, petitions, court orders, commissions, etc. of various Gilberts; Virginia Co. Records: George Gilbert transported to Virginia in 1635 by Joseph Johnson; Virginia Magazine of History & Biography: in 1771 Henry Gilbert was chosen as guardian by John Wyatt of Caroline County Virginia; William & Mary Quarterly: events of Henry Gilbert in 1851 & 1715 and of George Gilbert in 1643, 1663 & 1664; Colson, South Carolina History: Capt. Gilbert was sole survivor of a marine skirmish in 1728; Will Books, Lexington, Kentucky: in 1829 Henry Gilbert & wife Sally sell 31 acres on Cane Run; Will Room Book, Queen Annes County, Maryland: 1783 will of Thomas Gilbert names wife, sons, daughters & granddaughter
GL,Jr.: Mar.1933, research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Hotten, Lists of Emigrants to America: seven Holmes men in the years 1634-1635, later events include wills, land grants & baptisms; Sherwood, American Colonists in English Records: William Holmes named as a servant; Muster Rolls of Maryland Troops in the American Revolutionary War: three entries for William Holmes in 1776-1779; Kentucky State Historical Society Register: two entries for John Hume;  various events for Hume, Helms, Holmes, including land patents, genealogy, marriages, deaths, census data, etc; Brochman, Hume, Kennedy & Brodsman Families: "a good Holmes possibility"
GL,Jr.: Feb.1933 research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Kentucky State Historical Society Register: Heads of families in Woodford County Kentucky in 1810 census included John A. Holmes, Hugh Holmes, & Thomas Helm; Isabelle Field Helm married Thomas Washington Cutlett (no date); Elzaphan Hume married Elizabeth Stevens 11 Jan.1791; Lewis Holmes married Rosanna Law 31 Apr.1787; John Hume was head of family in Clark County Kentucky in 1810; Heads of families in Fayette County Kentucky in 1810 incuded Benjamin Helm, Robert Holmes, John Holmes & William Holmes; Residents of Floyd County Kentucky included William Helms & Meridith Helms; Nelson County Kentucky marriages of John Helm to Sally Brown 21 Mar.1789 and of Benjamin Helm to Mary Whitaker 17 May 1803; Certificates Book of Virginia Land Commission: Leonard Helm is granted permanent possession of 400 acres on Jessamine Creek near mouth of Kentucky River in 1779; Lewis Holms mentioned regarding land near Harmons Lick on the Dyx River; George Helms claimed 1000 acres in Kentucky in 1780; further claims by Lewis Hombes, George Helms, Joseph Holmes, Lewis Holmes, John Hume, Marquis Helm & George Helms, Marquis Helms, Meridith Holm, & Meridith Helm, all in the year 1780; Military Certificates, 1787, dated 1 Sep.1800 for services to Virginia: Joseph Helm, M. Helm, George Helms, Henry Helms, Meridith Helms, Thomas Helms & Ro. Holmes
GL,Jr.: Apr.1933 research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Pennsylvania Archives: Adam Gilbert married Mary Zienining 30 Oct.1766; Benjamin Gilbert married ___________ 16Aug.1743; Daniel Gilbert married Catharine Belkenbine 10 Jun.1775; Francis Gilbert married Margaret Nelson 14 Mar.1775; John Gilbert married Mary Storry 20 Aug.1761; Joseph Gilbert married Euphaemia Rees 1 Dec.1770; Joshua Gilbert married Prscilla Shrigby 19 Feb.1772; Nathan Gilbert married Elixzabeth Stout 17 Nov.1775; William Gilbert married Mary Fenton 23 may 1772; Nicholas Gilbert married _____________ in Jan.1746; Benjamin Gilbert married Mary Evans 18 Aug.1743; and Frederick Gilbert enlisted in Apr.1756 & then deserted in Oct.1756; Ardery, Kentucky Court & Other Records, Vol. II: Thomas Gilbert mentioned in a deposition; 200 acres deeded to Aquilla Gilbert in 1792; Catherine Gilbert married John Alexander in 1799; Marriages in Shelby County Kentucky: Preston Gilbert married Elizabeth Davis 26 Oct.1811; Elnathan Gilbert married Sinah Allen 22 Feb.1813; & Samuel Gilbert married Nancy Gill 1 Jan.1839; Marriages in Lincoln County Kentucky: Thomas Gilbert married Polly Depaw 5 May 1807; James Gilbert married Rebecca Burgess 14 May 1821; John Gilbert married Eleanor Gilmore 14 Nov.1791; John W. Gilbert married Mary Craig 30 Nov.1797; Barnabas Gilbert married Elizabeth Hellecost 31 Dec.1788; and Jacob Galbert married Martha Young 26 Feb.1812; Marriages in Madison County Kentucky: John Gilbert married Elizabeth Gilbert (b. Samuel Gilbert) 7 Jul.1802; Simon Gilbert married Eizabeth Lacky (brother Henry Thomas) 30 Jan.1804; Benjamin Gilbert married married Rhody Henry (brother Arthur Kennedy) 29 Dec.1818; Samuel Gilbert married Lucky Elem (brother John Duncan) 22 Jan.1813; Aquilla Gilbert married Jane Stewart (brother Alexander) 21 mar.1810; and Samuel Gilbert married Jane Dinwiddie (brother Philemon Kavanaugh) 29 Sep.1807; Marriages in Fayette County Kentucky: John Gilbert (father Henry Gilbert) married Elizabeth White (father John E. White, brother Henry Gilbert) 18 Jul.1821; Marriages in Clay County Kentucky: Wallace W. Gilbert married Susan Jones 22 Oct.1823; William Gilbert married Marthy Douglas (father Samuel S.) 21 Feb.1825; and Felix Gilbert married Isabella Benson (brother Daniel Garrard) 19 Mar.1827; Marriages in Ohio County Kentucky: Elizabeth Gilbert married Chester Calloway 4 Oct.1809 and John Gilbert married Jemina Turner 18 Feb.1802

GL,Jr.: Apr.1933 research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Marriages in Livingston County Kentucky: Jonathan Gilbert married Fanny Busay (Busey) 30 Oct.1821 or 8 Oct.1821); Filson Club Publications, Vol.27: Petition to divide Lincoln County, signed by John Gilbert; Smith's Index to Littell's Laws of Kentucky: John Gilbert on a Commission ... and ordered to improve a road in Clay County; Jillson, Old Kentucky Entries & Deeds: Samuel Gilbert on a deed for 1,559 acres in Lincoln County; Robert Gilbert on a deed for 1,000 acres on the Ohio River in Jefferson County, on another deed for 300 acres on Brashears Creek in Jefferson County, and on a third deed for 1,000 acres on the Ohio River, also in Jefferson County; and Joseph Gilbert on a warrant for 200 acres dated 27 Jul.1783; Jillson, The Kentucky Land Grants: Robert Gilbert granted 1,000 acres on the Ohio River in Jefferson County in 1784; Maryland Archives, Assembly Proceedings: Robert Gilbert assessed16o pounds of tobacco; in Council Proceedings 1671-1675, John Gilbert commissioned as Justice for the Peace in 1674 & 1675; John Gilbert was a Commissioner of Cecil County Maryland in 1676; National Genealogical Society Quarterly: Michael Gilbert and John Gilbert both took Patriot's oaths of Fidelity & Support in Washington County Maryland in 1778; Capt. Gilbert married Sally Hebb 31 Jul.1816 and John Gilbert married Eliza Cary 10 Apr.1813; Benjamin Gilbert received a Commutation Warrant; Forces Tracts: John Gilbert made payment to the treasurer of Virginia; Virginia Magazine of History & Biography: 1743 bequest to Sarah Underwood, wife of John Gilbert
GL,Jr.: Mar.1933 research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Cartwell, History of Frederick County Virginia: Helm, Home, Holmes family events; Chalkley, Augusta County Virginia Court Abstracts: Holms, Holmes, Homes family events; Spotsylvania County Virginia Records: 1753 will of William Hunter mentions 400 acres bought from George Hume; 1732 will of  Robert Homes names sons Joseph Homes & wife Sarah; John Hoomes appointed in 1797 to sell slaves of Bathurst Daingerfield; and William Holmes married Anne Roberts 28 Feb.1798; Maryland Calendar of Wills: 1736 will of Edward Homes, Senior lists wife Martha, son William Homes and sisters Elizabeth & Rachel; 1739 will of Richard Holms lists wife Rachel and gradfather Richard Homes; and 1740 will of Wiliam Holmes lists wife Mary, sons Edward Holmes, John Holmes & William Holmes, and daughters Mary Brasshear, Clara Mckears, Sarah Holmes, Jemima Holmes, Valinda Holmes, Rachel Holmes, Elizabeth Holmes & Febe Holmes
H-8, H-9
GL,Jr. Research: Soldiers from Bedford County, Virginia in the Revolutionary War: Samuel Gilbert, John W. Gilbert, Daniel Gilbert and Preston Gilbert in 1779 & 1781; Mar.1934 at Newberry Library, Chicago: Fayette County Kentucky Marriage Records 1803-1851: Mary Gilbert (f. Henry Gilbert, bondsman John Gilbert) married James Cooney 28 Oct.1840; Hannah Gilbert married Patrick Dolin 27 Jul.1846 (bondsman Jacob Hostetter); Eliza Gilbert married Archibald McMeekin 11 Apr.1848 (bondsman John Clisham); Sarah Gilbert (bondsman John Gilbert) married Jeremiah McMeekin 1 Nov.1842; Hannah Gilbert married 12 Apr.1833 Macy Thwaits (bondsman Elijah Whit) and Milly Gilbert married 9 Dec.1802 John Truitt; Sep.1934 at New Orleans, Louisiana: Queen Annes County Maryland Deeds S.T.W. No.4: 1799 deed of sale by Henry Gilbert of a yellow woman named Luce, who was promptly manumitted by James Hopkins, her purchaser; Queen Annes County Maryland Deeds S.T.W. No.101809 deed granting a 5-1/2 acre tract of land to Hannah Gilbert by Henry Gilbert (Henry's wife Sarah later released her right of dower)
GL,Jr.: Mar.1933 research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Maryland Calendar of Wills: many Holmes, Hume, Homes, Humes wills naming wives, sons, daughters, etc.
Sons of the Revolution: [blank] Application for Membership

GL,Jr.: Oct.1936; Feb.1933 research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Hayes, Maryland Genealogical Bulletin: 1670 deed of Marksfield (100 acres) and Pt. Peterfield (50 acres) to John Gilbert; 1670 deed of the Grove (1,000 acres) to John Gilbert; Ljungstedt, County Court Note Book: 1717 mention of John & Henry Gilbert; in 1722 John Gilbert refuses to act as executor of will of Cornelius edmonds, whose widow was Ann Edmonds; Gilbert Genealogies: list of ten locations with negative results ... and an eleventh with a possible Gilbert born in 1760; Jan.1938 research at the Harper Library, University of Chicago: Lexington Observer & Reporter Patrick Delan 19 Jul.1846, Lexington, Kentucky: Hannah Gilbert of Fayette County Kentucky married; Jan.1938 research at Newberry Library: Burns, Washington County Kentucky Wills: 1811 will of John Gilbert names wife and children; Burns, Wayne County Kentucky 1810 Census: Heads of families include Joshua Gilbert, Joseph Gilbert and Elijah Gilbert; Burns, Bath County Kentucky Wills: 1827 will of Alexander Stewart names Jane Gilbert's children as heirs: Isaac Gilbert, Emily Gilbert, Ezekiel Gilbert, John Gilbert and Robert Gilbert
GL,Jr.: Apr.1933 research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Pennsylvania Archives: John Holme of Philadelphia married Mary More, widow, of Greenspring, Philadelphia County 3 Jan. 1687 or 1688; Marriages at Christ Church, Philadelphia; John Helm married Elizabeth Thomas 12 Mar.1772; Peter Helm married Mary Helm 29 Aug.1765; Abigail Holmes married George Daniel 10 Feb.1791; Elizabeth Holmes married Alexander Keater 7 Nov.1742; Elizabeth Holmes married James Wright 6 Jun. 1759; Elizabeth Holmes married John Wiar 3 Sep.1737; Joseph Holmes married Mary Carruthers 29 Nov. 1796; Hannah Holmes married John Merrick 17 Nov.1733; Henry Holmes married Rebecca Vennable 13 Nov.1791; Sarah Holmes married George Daniel 30 Jul.1789; Susannah Holmes married George Eckles 7 Oct.1750; Hannah Holmes married William Corbet 12 Aug.1711; William Holmes married Catherine Martin 25 Sep.1760; and Hanse Holm married Ann Kerney 25 Nov.1799; Marriages at Swede's Church, Philadelphia: John Helm married Ann Letzinger 1 May 1792; Israel Helms married Rebecca Frederic 9 Feb.1791; John Helms married Ann Saley 5 may 1794; John Holmes married Patience Roshell 5 may 1768; John Holmes married Patience Rossell 16 Apr.1768; Samuel Holmes married Elizabeth Warwick 6 Oct.1773; Henry Homes married Eizabeth Patterson 25 Oct.1777; Joseph Homes married Hannah Francis 29 Oct.1772; Richard Momes married Marget Homes 28 Jul.1795; Thomas Homes married Ann Morgan 12 Feb.1753; and James Humes married Mary Curran 2 Jul.1795; Marriages at First Presbyterian Church, Carlisle: Abraham Holmes married Rebecca Wheatley 30 Oct.1800; Daniel Holmes married Peggy Woods 23 Aug.1793; John Homes married Nancy Stephenson 31 May 1787; and Jonathan Holmes married Jane Laird 19 Apr.1787; Marriages at Lutheran Church, New Hanover: Daniel Helm married Susanna Ludwig 7 Oct.1804; Marriages at First Baptist Church, Philadelphia: James Holmes married Helena Lawrence 1 Jun.1765; Jonathan Stout Holmes married Elizabeth Pintard 11 Jul.1784; Thomas Holmes married Mary Turner 3 Oct.1789; Thomas Holmes married Tacey Richardson 13 Jun.1796; William Holmes married Elizabeth Miles 17 Dec.1790; William Holmes married Margaret Vallers 12 Nov.1793; William Holmes married Rebecca Lonsborough 16 Feb.1793; and John Humes married Elizabeth Carl 18 Dec.1798; Marriages at Neshaminy Presbyterian Church: Samuel Holme married Martha Mann 17 Mar.1803; Marriages at St. Michael's & Zion Church, Philadelphia: William Hoems married Biddy Evans 15 Mar.1781; Marriages at St. Paul's Church, Philadelphia: Thomas Holms married Rebecca Marlow 18 Dec.1797; Marriages at Third Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia: John Holmes married Mary Patterson 16 Apr.1787; and John Holmes married Sarah Taylor 5 May 1788
4 Sep.1934: Letter from _____ on New Orleans Public Schools Teachers' Association letterhead to GL,Jr. regarding the children's names of parents John Holmes & Sarah Ann Gilbert and Prasha Wood, Stephen Wood; refers to deed in G-10, above, as a matter of interest

G-15, G-16,
G-17, G-17X
25 Jan.1933: Notes from Mrs. Katherine von Ficht regarding Gilbert family; GL,Jr.: Feb.1938 research notes from Harper Library, University of Chicago: Julius P. Bolivar MacCabe, Directory of the City of Lexington & County of Fayette: Gilberts at two addresses; Maydwell, Lexington Kentucky Official Directory for 1867: C.J. Gilbert, trader; H. Gilbert at Gilbert Ross & Co. wholesale Boots & Shoes; J.W. Gilbert, manufacturer and dealer in tinware; J.M. Gilbert, clerk; Shaffner, Kentucky Annual State Directory 1847: John Gilbert, Justice of the Peace, Clay County Kentucky; and Felix J. Gilbert, Surveyor of Clay County, Kentucky
G-24 G-21, G-22,
G-23, G-24, G-24A
Handwritten data received from _______________, copied from Fayette County Kentucky court records regarding Sarah Gilbert, John Gilbert, Henry Gilbert, Robert Holmes,  John Holmes, James Holmes, Sarah Ann Holmes, William Holmes, Laura C. Holmes, Daniel B. Holmes, Lydia M. Holmes, Sally Ann Holmes, Andrew Holmes & Tabitha his wife, Jonathan Holmes, Lloyd Holmes, Robert Holmes, Hester Holmes, Mary Ann Holmes, Samuel Holmes, J.M. Holmes, Mary A. Holmes

H-19, H-20, H-21, H-22, H-23, H-24, H-25, H-27, H-29
GL,Jr.: Feb.1938 research at Harper Library, University of Chicago: Prather, Lexington City Directory 1876: John H. Gilbert, grocer; Henry Gilbert; John W. Gilbert; James E. Gilbert, pastor; John B. Gilbert, bill-poster & programme distributor;  GL,Jr.:1938 research at Newberry Library: Kentucky State Historical Society Register: Henry Gilbert married Susan Arcambal 25 Jan.1819; Burgess Gilbert married Louisa Turner June 1819; Elizabeth Gilbert married William Bennett 16 Aug.1812; Aquilla Gilbert married Mary Baker 6 Feb.1825; Hannah Gilbert married Patrick Dolan 29 Jul.1846; and Rhoda A. Gilbert married Benjamin N. Webster 17 Nov.1846; Annie Walker Burns Bell, Marriages in Hardin County Kentucky 1835-1850: Adam Gilbert married Susan Redman (father James Redman) 4 Feb.1840; Kentucky State Historical Society Register: Mary Jane Gilbert (father John Gilbert of Fayette County Kentucky) married W.T. Adams 2 Aug.1848; Madison County, Kentucky Marriages Aquilla Gilbert married: John Gilbert married Elizabeth Gilbert 8 Jul.1802; Sally Gilbert married William Oldham 19 Jun.1809; Arquila Gilbert married Jane Stewart 1 Apr.1810; Simon Gilbert married Elizabeth Lackey 3 Mar.1804; Sarah Gilbert married Peter Turner 7 Apr.1803; Polly Gilbert married John Stewart 25 Oct.1809; Hannah Gilbert married James Thomas 26 Apr.1812; Nancy Gilbert married Alexander Quick 21 Apr.1799; Elizabeth Gilbert married William Bennett 16 Aug.1812; Aquilla Gilbert married Jane Stewart 5 Apr.1811; Samuel Gilbert married Susannah Elem (Elam) 22 Aug.1813; Benjamin Gilbert married Rhody Harry 30 Jan.1819; Mary Baker 6 Feb.1825; Will P. Gilbert married Polly Manpin 19 Jul.1826; Stephen Gilbert married Polly Lamb 13 Apr.1827; Jarvis E. Gilbert married Lucinda Yates 22 Jan.1835; and Jeptha Rice Gilbert married Sara W. Reid 22 Feb.1836
G-25, G-25A

23 Mar.1938: Letter from Mrs. Emery C. Lively of 2900 Prytania St. New Orleans, Louisiana to GL,Jr., Joliet, IL, regarding 1797 marriage of Henry Gilbert & Sarah Smith in Maryland, 1762 deed of John Gilbert to Henry Gilbert, Rose Gilbert, widow of Richard Gilbert in 1637, 1638 marriage of Robert Smith & Rose Gilbert

G-26, G-27a
GL,Jr.: Research at Washington, DC, Sep.1939: Fayette County Kentucky census data from 1850 taken by Philip Mack Smith regarding Gilbert & Holmes families

GL,Jr. Descendancy from John Gilbert (died after 1762) through Henry Gilbert (b.1744, d.after 1790), Henry Gilbert (b.1771, d.1847) to Sarah Ann Gilbert (b.1812, d.1880) who married John Holmes (b.1809, d.1850) and various other children

GL,Jr.: research in NEHGS library book, Archives of Maryland: John Gilbert & the Sheriff of Maryland file suits in May & June of 1672 against Philip Shapleigh; in 1674 John Gilbert takes oath of office as Justice of the Peace of Cecil County, Maryland; in 1670 John Gilbert is accused of selling a freeman as a servant ... reaches a settlement in 1671; in 1662 George Gilbert witnesses a note; in 1675 John Gilbert files suit for 1,780 pounds of tobacco in Kent County, Maryland; another NEHGS library book: J. Bryan Grimes, North Carolina Wills & Inventories, 1912, Raleigh: Frs, Gilburt is a witness to the 1757 will of William Bond in Buford County North Carolina G-32
_____________: Undated handwritten notes regarding John Gilbert & Elizabeth White and their thirteen children, including whom those children married; John Gilbert was the son of Henry Gilbert and his wife Sally, in Lexington, Kentucky

24 Jan.1945: Letter from Mrs. Emery C. Lively of 2900 Prytania St. New Orleans, Louisiana to GL,Jr., regarding various Blackwood, Patrick, Gilbert & Holmes family members
G-34, G-35, G-36
Burials in Lexington Cemetery; notes by Mrs. Wm. S. Beard
GL,Jr.: Research at New Orleans, Louisiana, Jan.1933 & Joliet, IL, Aug,1932 regarding Holmes-Gilbert and Thwaites-Holmes family relationships; His note H-37 says to "See Gilbert Appendix No.8 for disposal of my work on the Thwaits Line." [All Thwaites data are now in the Gilbert Excursus - GL,III, ed.]
H-35, H-35A, H-36, H-37

31 Dec.1945: Philip Mack Smith: Letter to GL,Jr., regarding Gilbert data in 1800 & 1810 US Census in Fayette County, Kentucky; nothing from 1820 through 1850 Census data

GL,Jr.: Research at Joliet, IL, Aug.1932: Note regarding disposition of Thwaites - Holmes family data; Newberry Library, Aug.1932, regarding Holmes family members. However, there is no Thwaites Excursus in the LangfordOnMassey Excursi
GL,Jr.: Research dated Aug.1946 & Jan.1947 from NEHGS book regarding Gilbert line in first US Census, Maryland 1790 & Gloucester County Virginia 1666; Newberry Library dated Jan.1947 & Aug.1950 regarding lack of data on Gilbert in 1810 US Census of Jefferson County Kentucky & death of Sarah Gilbert in Crittenden County Kentucky in 1904
GL,Jr.: Aug.1970:  Research at Rockingham County, Virginia Public Library: Stuart E. Brown, Virginia Genealogy, a Trial List, 1967, Berryville; Walter V. Ball, Butterworth Families of Maryland & Virginia, 1960 Silver Spring Maryland: Gilbert family; Minnie (Coppedge) Johnston, Marriages & Wills of Our Ancestors, 1948, Chevy Chase Maryland: Gilbert family; Research at the Staunton Public Library: D.A.R. Patriot Index, 1966 Washington DC: Henry Gilbert - seaman, b. ca. 1748,, married Susan _____________; Research at Rockingham County Public Library: Louis Des Cognets: English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records, 1958 Princeton New Jersey: Henry Gilbert was granted 400 acres in James City County, Virginia in 1715

T.L. Brownyard: Apr.1970: General Index, Land Records, Queen Anne's County, Maryland - Grantees, 1707-1854: Thomas, William, Henry & Hannah Gilbert; Grantees, 1706-1825: Henry, James, Thomas, George & Jesse Gilbert [All now online - GL,III, ed.]

GL,Jr,: May 1971, Apr.1974: Research at Harrisonburg, Virginia: NEHGS: Reconstructed 1790 Delaware Census, 1962: Stephen Gilbert, New Caste Hundred, New Caste County, p.24; NEHGS Register, Vol.106, p.44: Ancestors of Joseph Grafton incude John Gilbert, who married Priscilla Kitchen; May 1974: T.L. Brownyard, from Kentucky State Historical Register: GL,Jr. notes that T.L.Brownyard recorded data about Gilbert in Holmes-627 through Holmes-634

T.L. Brownyard: May 1974 data from the Kentucky State Historical Society Register, Vol. 62 (1964): Deaths in Marshall County, Virginia included Eddie Gilbert (son of J.C. and A. Gilbert, 13 Dec.1861 at 1 year old), Joel Gilbert (son of Jesse and Usley Gilbert, 12 Mar. 1861, age 45), M.H. Gilbert (son of Hugh and Matilda Gilbert, 4 Sep.1853, age 6), Malesa Gilbert (son of James and Susan Gilbert, 13 Jun.1853, age 4 months), Nancy H. Gilbert (daughter of James and Elizabeth Peel, 8 Sep.1855, age 24), Surrilda Gilbert (daughter ofW.W. and and Nancy Gilbert, 28 Aug. 1857, age 6), and Susan Gilbert (daughter of Phiander Palmer, 16 Nov. 1853, age 20)

GL,Jr.: Apr.1933 Research at Newberry Library, Chicago: Virginia State Library Report: Virginia Revolutionary War soldiers included John (Holms, Hoomes); John Holmes (Holms, Homes); Joseph Holmes; Lewis Holmes (Holms, Homes); William Holmes (King William County); William Homes (Holms, Hoomes); Bartholomew Homes; Benjamin Homes; Bartlett Hoomes; Benjamin Hoomes (Captain); Benjamin Hoomes (Lieutenant); Thomas Hoomes (several ranks ... two men ?); Thomas Hoomes (Homes); Colonial Soldiers of Virginia: Lewis Homes; Robert Homes; Marshall Wingfield, History of Caroline County, Virginia: Caroline County Representatives in the House of Delegates included William Holmes (1812-1813), John Hoomes (1791-1795) and William Hoomes (1808-1811, 1813-1814); The Hoomes Estate was called Bowling Green; from 1800 to 1828 the Richmond Enquirer published obituaries for Richard Hoomes (27 Dec.1823), Mrs Lucy Mary Hoomes (13 Aug.,1814), Mrs. Judith Hoomes (16 Aug.1822), Capt. John Hoomes (27 Dec.1805), Major John Hoomes (23 Mar. 1824), Col. Armistead Hoomes (6 Feb.1827), and Mrs. Annie C. Hoomes (27 Mar.1810); John Hoomes' announcement of the Virginia Jockey Club Races at Bowling Green in1790; John Hoomes acted as an executor of the estate of the late Robert Gilchrist; on 28 Sep.1728 Robert Holmes (Hoomes) was granted 317 acres in Caroline County; acting as Representatives from Caroline County in the State Senate were John Hoomes (1796-1803) and Armistead Hoomes (1816-1820); Revolutionary War soldiers from Caroline County included Benjamin Hoomes, Isaac Hoomes, David Hoomes, Thomas C. Hoomes, and John Hoomes; formerly owned Caroline County Hoomes estates: Old Mansion and Oak Ridge; Armistead Hoomes was Captain of the Virginia militia at Parry Holly in 1813 and was Adjutant of a squadron of dragoons in 1814-1815 H-43

GL,Jr.: Aug.1932 Research at Newberry Library, Chicago; Isaac & Elizabeth Holmes, Isaac & Susanna Holmes, John Bee Holmes, Isaac Holmes a witness to a Will in 1753; Aug.1932
GL,Jr.: Maryland Records, July 1932: Elias Holmes of Kentucky is commissioned in 1793; John Holmes as a colonist in 1635 & living in Dorchester, County, Maryland in 1776; William Holmes marries Else Williams in 1780; John Holmes marries Mary Turner of Montgomery County, Mississippi in 1779; Trinity Church records, St. Mary's City, Maryland: John H. Holmes b. 1817, d. 1871; Maria Holmes b. 1819, d. 1884; Charles B. Holmes b. 1851, d. 1871
GL,Jr.: From History of Kansas City County, p.445: Obituary of John Holmes, who married Sally A. Gilbert and had seven children: the youngest was Daniel Boone Holmes, b.13 Mar.1850, who married Lyda A. Massey and had three children: Massey B. Holmes, b.28 Jan.1878, Mignon Holmes, b.27 June, 1884 and Sydney Holmes, b. 28 Aug.1881; June, 1932
GL,Jr.: Research at Newberry Library, Chicago; Virginia records for many Holmes family members; April & May 1933
H-42, H-44, H-47, H-49, H-51, H-52
Maryland Land Patents, Maryland Hall of Records, noted by T.L. Brownyard 1978 [all are now accessible online - GL,III, ed.]
G-45, G-46, G-47, G-48
GL,Jr.: Letter to Mrs. Florence Holmes Stone, 22 Apr.1933, regarding Holmes & Gilbert lines in Lexington, Kentucky; and her belated reply, 8 Apr.1934
H-46A, B, C

GL,Jr.: Descendants of John Gilbert: Henry Gilbert, b.1744, d.after 1790; Henry Gilbert, b.26 Oct.1771, d. 21 Jan.1847 (children: John Gilbert, 1805-1861, Mary Gilbert, m.1840 James Cooney, Eliza Gilbert, m.1848 Archibad McMeekin, Hannah Gilbert m.1833 Macy Thwaite, James Gilbert d.1830, Sarah Ann Gilbert b.1812, d.1880, m.1 Dec.1836 John Holmes, b.1809, d.1850). Sarah Ann & John Holmes had child Daniel B. Holmes, b.1850, d.1811, m.1875 Lyda Massey, b.1856, d.1929. Daniel B. Holmes & Lyda had child Sydney Holmes, b.1881, d.1968 who m.1900 George Langford, b.1876, d.1964 and had child George Langford, Jr. b.1901, d.1996
Minnie E. Beard of the National Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, Kentucky Chapter, letter to GL,Jr. received 21 Apr.1933: Revolutionary War record of Henry Gilbert, mentioning John Holmes and his wife Sallie Ann Gilbert, the will of William Clarke, whose sons-in-law were John Holmes and William Holmes, who had married Fanny Clarke and Ann Clarke, respectively
G-52, G-52X
Lexington, Kentucky: July 17, 1880: Obituary of Sally Ann Holmes, mother of Daniel Boone Holmes of Kansas City, Missouri and William Holmes of New Orleans, Louisiana, who died 13 July 1880 at age 67

GL,Jr.: May 1933 research at the Newberry Library, Chicago: Holmes records in Orange County, York County, King William County, Henry County, Caroline County, Virginia; Hoomes obituaries; early land records of Thomas Holmes and William Holmes; 16 Feb.1648 will of William Holmes, naming sons William Holmes and Robert Holmes, sisters [married to men named:] Parkinson, Grabe, Coxce; brother James Parker; executors Oliver Holmes and Richard Grabee; 12 Feb.1655 will of Capt. Rowland Burnham of Rappahannock River in Virginia names brother Thoas Holmes of York County and sister Margery Holmes; George Holmes patented lands in James City County, Virginia in 1635 (150 acres) and 1636 (200 acres), mentioning his wife Rebecca

_______________: Handwritten data copied from deed books regarding Gilbert & Holmes data in Fayette County, Kentucky

H-102, H-103
The Bank of Kentucky deeds a lot on Main Cross Street to Henry Gilbert.(Fayette County Deed Book 15, p.443): 9 Nov.1858

1880 US Census data, New Orleans, Louisiana regarding W.H. Holmes (born in  Kentucky), wife Laura (born in Kentucky, father from OH), daughter Mary Holmes (born in Louisiana), son William Holmes (born in Louisiana)

May 15, 1943: Transcription of paper found loose in the family bible of John Holmes & Sarah Ann (Gilbert) Holmes regarding an 1862 funeral notice of Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert; three printed sheets of poems attributed to D.H. & F.H.; programs of Kentucky University regarding Daniel B. Holmes; a newspaper clipping regarding a court case won by Bryant & Holmes, attorneys; various invitations addressed to Daniel B. Holmes and to Mrs. Sallie Ann Holmes including other persons' names H-147, H-148,
H-149, H-150

GL,Jr.: Undated typewriten data regarding Lexington, Fayette County Kentucky: Will of John Holmes (free man of colour), Harriett Holmes, 1850-1851; administration of estate of John Holmes by Sarah Ann Holmes, 1852

Section VI - Massey Data Bank One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

Topic: It is partially indexed; to navigate, select a topic,
then click on the page number in one of the right hand columns:
GL, Jr. notes & abstracts Major outside sources
Holmes-Krider ID Project
George Langford, Jr.'s Source Notes, obtained with the aid of genealogist Mr. Jason Bordeaux
and the History Room Librarian Ms. Gretchen B. Witt from the Rowan County Public Library, Salisbury, North Carolina.

GL,Jr.: Oct.1970: Summary of  Rowan County, North Carolina abstract data and correlations to Holmes data bank pages for Wills, Deeds, Marriages, Tax Lists, and Order Books H-001, H-002,

GL,Jr.: Mar.1933: Research at Newberry Library, Chicago; Saffell: Records of the Revolutionary War; Virginia Company Records  - land grants to Holmes men for military service and other material
____________: letter received Apr.1933: Fayette County, Kentucky Court Records of Wills, Deeds for Scott, Morrison, Holmes, Beckett, Gilbert, Sidebottom, Thwaites and Boyd

H-029, H-030, H-031,H-032
GL,Jr.: Research at Newberry Library, Chicago;  Augusta County, Virginia deeds and court records for Horne and Homes; letter from Mrs. Joseph Beard of Lexington, Kentucky regarding Jessamine County, Kentucky - Holmes marriages: Hugh Holmes married Sally Scott 27 Jan.1809; Hugh Holmes married Susan Prewitt 13 Oct.1823; and Jane Holmes married Charles Kain 31 Dec.1799; First Census of the US - 1790 - North & South Carolina at Newberry Library - Holmes, Helms, Hulme & Hallums family groups

GL,Jr.: May 1943: transcription of records from a family bible owned by John Holmes & Sarah Ann (Gilbert) Holmes, his wife; note appended Sep.1971 that attests to the handwriting as that of John Holmes (Note numbered H-586)
H-586 H-148
The original note of H-148 with dates from 29 Mar.1795 to 29 Dec.1812 for Holmes family events: Birth of Thomas Holmes to John Holmes and Susanna Holmes; death of Susanna Holmes; marriage of John Holmes to Prasha _______________; birth of William Holmes; birth of Susanna Holmes; and birth of Robert Stafford Holmes

Philip Mack Smith, 18 May 1944 census data (6 Aug.1850) for John Holmes in Fayette County, Kentucky: John was born in Virginia; also in the household were Sarah Holmes (Kentucky, 37), Warner Holmes (Kentucky, 13) W.H. Holmes (Kentucky, 3) David Holmes (3 mo., Kentucky) and Isaac Degrarris (32, born in France); the occupations of John and Isaac werre recorded as carpenter

GL,Jr., June 1944 research from New England Historical & Genalogical Society books: Kentucky Historical Society Register: Robert Holmes moved from Carlisle, Pennsylvania to Lexington, Kentucky as a chairmaker and wheelwright and lived at the northeast corner of Broadway Street and Short Street, had a daughter who married Richard H. Chimm, a lawyer who lived in Lexington and New Orleans; Jonathan Holmes and Andrew Holmes moved from Carlisle, Pennsylvania to Lexington in 1787-1788; Andrew had son William Holmes and a daughter and died in 1806 or 1807; Eliza M. [Holmes] married R.H. Chimm of New Orleans (formerly of Lexington, Kentucky) and died 16 Oct.1646 at Galveston, Texas; Richard H. Chimm died 13 Jan.1847 in Tensas Parish, Louisiana and is buried in Lexington with Eliza; Daniel B. Hume of Scott County Kentucky died 4 Jul.1847 at the age of 42; Irish immigrant Col. James Morrison moved in 1792 from Cumberland County, Pennsylvania to Lexington, served six years in the revolutionary War as a Morgan rifleman, went into business in Pittsburgh where he became Sheriff; at Lexington he was a land commissioner ... president of Lexington Branch of United States Bank, and a Trustee of Transylvania University, then left $50,000 and a $1,200 annual bequest to the university; he lived at the northwest corner of Short Street and Upper Street; and died in Washington, D.C. 23 Apr.1823; Joseph Warren Holmes died at the Lexington residence of Mr. M. Thwaites 31 Dec.1852
Sally Ann Holmes lot: Deed records

Data obtained by Philip Mack Smith: First Census of the United States, Salisbury Districts of Rockingham County, Rowan County and Stokes County, North Carolina, pp. 169 through 178. Families found: Mackness Massy, Robert Holms, John Blackwood, William Patrick, Jeremiah Patrick, Hezekiah Pinchback, John Pinchback, John Langford, Reuben Homes, Christian Crider, Barnet Crider, Leonard Crider, William Langford, and many more ...

H-174A, H-174B, H-174C,
H-174D, H-174E, H-174F,
H-174G, H-174H, H-174J, H-174L
GL,Jr.: Three traced maps from Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky
H-175, H-176,

GL,Jr.: Letter of Aug.1933 on McKenna Process Company letterhead to the clerk of probate court, Scott County, Kentucky regarding John Holmes genealogy ... with a negative reply from the addressee, Ms. Mary E. Shropshire

GL,Jr.: Research at Newberry Library, Chicago; Colonial & State Records of North Carolina: various Holmes men

Philip Mack Smith (10 Dec.1944): US Census data for Iredell County, North Carolina (1800): Holmes, Patrick, Blackwood; for Lincoln County North Carolina (1800): John Holmes; for Mecklenburg County North Carolina (1800) George Holmes, George Holms; for Cabarrus County, North Carolina (1800) no Holmes; for Montgomery County, North Carolina (1800) no Holmes; and for Richmond County, North Carolina: no Holmes

Philip Mack Smith [i.e., in his handwriting] (Mar.1945): US Census data for Rowan County, North Carolina (1800): Blackwood, Patrick; (1810) Rubin Holmes; (1820) six Holmes families
Callie Scott, undated: Handwritten abstracts of deed book and tax entries for North Carolina regarding John Holmes on Hunting Creek

H-222, H-223, H-223X
GL,Jr.: letter of June 1945 replying to Mrs. Scott and suggesting avenues for further research on John Holmes, Robert Holmes, and Hunting Creek

1820 Census, Rowan County, North Carolina (taken by Philip Mack Smith)
Callie Scott, undated: Additional handwritten abstracts of deeds and lists of assets of John Holmes, transferred to Thomas Holmes on 3 May 1824

H-227, H-228, H-229
Callie Scott, 11 Aug.1945 letter to GL,Jr.: Am sending you more Holmes material, also the part of the 99 lease of which I did not copy fully before & please pardon the scratch paper it is also pencil scribbling hope you can read it satisfactorily. This Thomas Holmes son of your John [Holmes} by Susanna Blackwood has me "put in the spot": I am wondering if there were two of them ? I sent you a list of household furniture that your John Holmes sold to Thomas Holmes whom I think was his (John's) son. There seems to be nothing more of your john Holmes here after 1825. Your John [Homes] may have been a son of Robert [Holmes] tho there is no indication so far that he was. You asked me to send you my fee for research so far. I have spent three full days for you, two in Salisbury and one in Statesville (over) [... 2nd page not recorded - GL,III, ed.]
Callie Scott, undated: partial transcription of will of John Holmes: ... according granted & quality and at her death (2) I allow her part to be equally divided between the [torn off from age] and allow my wife Gennat and Richard [torn off] to be my executors & I allow after debts is paid twenty Shillings to each, that is to say, Mary, Marg. Jean Hetrian James, and utterly Disallow all former Testaments and wills made by me, ratifying and conferring this to be my last will and testament, in witness hereunto I have set my hand and Seal the Day and year mentioned. Sihned, sealed and provenanced & published & Declared in the presence of the Subscribers. John Holmes. Witnesses Joseph Knox, Maddle [Maddie ?] Knox.

Callie Scott, undated: Additional handwritten abstracts of a number of Holmes marriage bonds in years from 1769 to 1811; deeds of Richard C. Holmes, Nathaniel Holmes, Thomas Holmes, Peter Krider, Henry Krider & Francis Holmes in years 1786, 1787, 1821, 1822, 1825 & 1852; page (H-244X) has Mrs. Scott's genealogical analysis regarding Thomas Holmes
H-241, H-241X,
H-242, H-243, H-243X, H-244, H-244X, H-247, H-248
Callie Scott, undated: marriages: Reuben Holmes to Sarah Warford, 21 Spt.1824; R.L. Holmes to Clerinda Jane Harris, 4 Sep.1849; Charity Stafford to George W. Stafford, 1872, Leonard A. Stafford to Mollie E. Hartley, 22 mar.1868; Land transactions: Book 21, page 227, 11 Oct.1872, John M. Stafford sells land on Muddy Creek to Maggie E. Echols of Davidem County, North Carolina; in 1862 Reuben J. Holmes sells land on Yadkin River to W.P. Stafford of Yadkin County, North Carolina; 1787 tax list of Rowan County, North Carolina enumerates families of John Holmes and John Homes, Robert Holmes  and James Holmes; Francis Holmes listed as owner in 1784 of two parcels, 590 acres and 320 acres; James Holmes on 200 acres; in 1787 in Capt. Nichols Co., Frank Holmes' family

H-266, H-266X
Philip Mack Smith: undated summary of US Census data (1810) for John Holmes (Hoomes, Hem, Homes) in various Virginia counties
GL,Jr.: Dec.1945: Pulaski County Kentucky Records, Frye to Langford: 1820 Deed of mortgage by Alexander Holmes to William Blain of land on Fishing Creek; 1827 Deed to John Holmes of land on Fishing Creek (signed by Jarusha Hays); 1835 Deed of John M. Holmes & Jerusia of land on Fishing Creek; 1881 Deed of land on Pitman Creek to Mary Ann Holmes & Margaret Ann Holmes (wife & daughter of Christian Holmes)

GL,Jr.: Research of Oct.1970 at the Augusta County [state ?] Court House: Abstracts of two deeds to & from heirs Thomas Holmes and Margaret A. Holmes, dated 1823 & 1824

GL,Jr.: Oct.1970 research at Rowan County Court House, North Carolina : Will of John Holmes (1772); Holmes marriage records; at Salisbury Public Library, Mrs. McCubbins collection: Court records & deeds of Holmes men; History of North Carolina: birth of Gabriel Holmes, marriage of George Holmes to Sarah Nye, marriages of Andrew G. Holmes to 1st Sarah Pate (six children), 2nd Mattie Edwards (five children)

GL,Jr. Oct 1970 research at Salisbury Public Library, Mamie McCubbins collection: Capt. Joseph Nichol's Company included Jeames Holmes, Robert Holmes, & Frank Holmes; Reuben Holmes, John Blackwood & George Holmes in Rowan County North Carolina Deed books; James Holmes in Rowan County Order books; John Holmes and Thomas Holmes in Anson County North Carolina Deed books; Thomas Holmes & Susannah Holmes in Iredell County North Carolina Deed book

GL,Jr. Oct.1970 research in the Mamie McCubbins Collection at the Rowan Public Library: Will Book G, page 531 - 1 Jun.1818 Will of Leonard Smith; Will Book 2, page 123 - 17 Apr.1845 Will of Jesse Holmes; burials of Jesse Holmes (born 2 Jul,1789 died 9 Jan.1856) and Moses Homes (died 25 Dec.1852 at age 60); 19 Aug.1852 marriage of Reuben Holmes and R.S. Caroline Heilry; six Iredell County, North Carolina deeds: 25 Oct.1786 grant of 640 acres on Little Dutchman's Creek to Jacob Nichols and Francis Holmes; 27 Nov.1793 sale of 640 acres on Little Dutchman's Creek and 100 acres on Big Branch of Hunting Creek by Francis Holmes and wife Margaret to Jacob Nichols; 17 Feb.1797 sale by Francis Holmes and wife Margaret of 71 acres on Little Dutchman's Creek to James Holmes; 2 Mar.1802 sale by Francis Holmes of 100 acres on Little Fork of Hunting Creek to Joseph Polk; 21 Dec.1801 sale by Leal Passevaters of 100 acres on Big Branch of Hunting Creek to John Thorn that was part of the 640 aacre grant to Jacob Nichols and Francis Holmes; 21 Mar.1780 grant of 509 acres on Little Dutchman's Creek to Nathan Todd that lies next to land of Francis Holmes and Nathaniel Holmes H-465

GL,Jr. Oct 1970 research at Salisbury Public Library, Mamie McCubbins collection: Iredell County & Rowan County Deed book data for Nathaniel Holmes, Francis Holmes, James Holmes, Isabella & Richard C. Holmes; Rowan County Order book data for Thomas Holmes, Susanna B. Holmes, James Holmes; Salisbury soldiers in the Revolutionary War: James, Robert & Isaac Holmes H-466

GL,Jr. Oct 1970 research at Salisbury Public Library, Mamie McCubbins collection: Iredell County Deed book data for Francis Holmes & Nathaniel Holmes; Capt. Joseph Nichols Returns for Robert Holms, Frank Holms & Jeames Holms; Rowan County Court House Historical Records: Old taxables, Tithables, Tax Lists, Taxable Property, Town of Salisbury, US Census data, Land Office data, Rowan County Deed book: data for various Holms & Holmes families; McCubbins collection: Abstracts of Wills, Barnabas Krider, Francis Holmes; Dockets for John Holmes, Francis Holmes, Richard Holmes, George Holmes, & James Holmes H-467, H-468, H-469, H-470, H-471, H-472
GL,Jr.: Oct.1970 research at Rowan Public Library: Fred A. Olds, Abstracts of North Carolina Wills, ca. 1760-ca.1800, supplementing Grimes Abstracts, 1663-1760; Baltimore, 1954: Holmes Wills in various North Carolina counties; Annie Walker Burns, North Carolina Pension Abstracts for the Revolutionary War &  Indian Wars, Washington, undated: Robert Holmes & Hardy Holmes, but no Blackwood or Patrick entries; Wm. Montgomery Clemens, North & South Carolina Marriage Records from Earliest Colonial to the Civil War, New York 1927: Isaac Holmes to Elizabeth Stanyarne; John Holmes to Susannah Blackwood; and Wyatt Holmes to Mary E. Elam

GL,Jr.: Oct.1970 research at Rowan Public Library: Journal of North Carolina Genealogy: Land Rights proved in 1741-1752 by Ebenezer Home in Onslow County and by Fredrick Homes in Edgecombe County; Dobbs County men who voted for senator in 1779 included #67 John Homes, #130 Simon Homes, #156 Temothy Homes, #161 Frederick  Homes, #175 James Homes, and #249 Charles Homes; Norbury McKenzie, Colonial Families of the United States: William Holmes (died 1741) married Mary Pottenger of Maryland and had children: Edward Holmes, John Holmes, William Holmes, mary Holmes (married _____ Brashiers), Clara Holmes (married Peter McKeen), Sarah Holmes, Jemima Holmes, Verlinda Holmes, Rachel Holmes and Phoebe Holmes; Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine 16 Jan.1916, Query #4333: John Holmes married Jane Watson in England, came to America with Gov. Oglethorpe in 1732 to Savannah, Georgia, then removed to Pennsylvania, and later to Rowan County, North Carlina and died there; their children were: Robert Holmes, Mary Holmes, Margaret Molmes, James Holmes, Katherine Holmes (married Thomas Wilson), Jane Holmes, Elizabeth Holmes, Richard Holmes and William Holmes; Rowan County Deed Book 13, page 506 - 7 Sep.1785 gift by Joseph Erwin of 329 acres on Sills Creek to his son William Erwin that was part of 712 acres granted to John Holmes on 6 May 1758 by Lord Granville that was sold by John Holmes to Joseph Erwin on 25 Oct.1765 H-476

GL,Jr.: Nov.1970 research at Rowan County Library, Mrs. McCubbins memos: Muster Rolls of Soldiers in the War of 1812, detached from the Militia 1812 and 1814 included: Robert Holmes, Edward Holmes, Solomon Holmes, George Holmes, Hugh Holmes and Moses Holmes; Rowan County Deeds: Book 2, page 79 - 16 Sep.1754 sale of 350 acres on Back Creek next to John Holmes and Henry White; Deed book 8, page 354 - 10 Dec.1770 sale of 350 acres on Back Creek next to John Holmes and Henry White; Deed Book 4, page 345 - 21 Sep.1759 sale of 640 acres on Sills Creek next to Thomas Gillespie, John Holmes, Andrew Kerr, William Brandon, and Samuel Scott; Iredell County Deeds: Book O, page 490 - 26 Jul.1830 sale of 121 3/8 acres on both sides of Withrows Creek that was granted to James Holmes on 21 Mar.1788; Deed Book B, page 627 sale of 200 acres by James Holmes and Holbert Homes to Robert Holmes that was a part of a tract granted to Nathaniel Holmes; Deed Book B, page 615 - 19 Oct.1796 sale of 229 acres on Little Dutchman's Creek by Robert Holmes and James Holmes to Holbert Holmes, next to tracts owned by Robert Holmes, James Holmes, Thomas McGuire and Nathan Todd, part of a tract originally granted to Nathaniel Holmes; Iredell County Will Book I, page 11 - the 4 Nov.1792 will of Mary Holmes, naming sons James Holmes, Albert Holmes and Robert Holmes, daughters Elizabeth Andreson and Caterina Holmes, and grandson Nathaniel Holmes, son of James Holmes; Francis Holmes was a witness;Iredell County Deed book data for Richard Holmes & James Holmes; Albert Holmes, Robert Holmes, Fergus Holmes & James Holmes; Heitman, Payroll of Capt. Samuel Reed includes Robert Holmes; Rowan County Deed book data for Thomas Holmes & Peter Krider, Jesse Homes; Rowan County 1790 Census data for Reuben Holmes; Rowan County Order book: Jesse Holmes appointed guardian for his infant children, Elizabeth, Moses A., Hudah & Honora Eliza Holmes; Rowan County Deed book data for Richard C. Holmes; Randolph County North Carolina Will book data for James Holmes will of 1798
H-477, H-478

GL,Jr.: Nov.1970 research at Rowan County Library, Mrs. McCubbins memos: Rev. Stephen B. Frontis, Sessions Books of Bethany & Mt. Tabor Churches: Francis Holmes, Nathaniel Holmes, James Holmes, Esther Holmes; Report by Ms. McCubbins of interview with Miss Ada Holmes, living in Lexington, North Carolina, regarding Reuben Holmes & his children, including Jesse Homes & his children; Rowan County 1810 Census, heads of families: Rubin Holms & Thomas Holms, but no John Holmes H-479

GL,Jr.: Nov.1970 research at Rowan County Court House: Rowan County Deed book data for Thomas Holmes & Jesse Holmes; Will book data for Luckie family; Land Entries 1778-1817: James Holms, Francis Holmes, Rubin Holms, John Homes & William Pope Holeman (not Holmes)

GL,Jr.: Nov.1970 research at Rowan County Court House: Robert W. Ramsey, Carolina Cradle; Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier 1747-1762, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1964: John Holmes 1741 in Index to Philadelphia Wills 1682-1900 (Historical Society of Philadelphia); Research at Rowan County Public Library: May Wilson McBee, Anson County North Carolina Abstracts of Early Records 1950: Land Grants & Deeds to various Holmes H-483

GL,Jr.: Nov.1970 research at Rowan County Public Library: State Records of North Carolina: many Holmes names
H-482, H-485, H-488

GL,Jr.: Nov.1970 research at Rowan County Public Library: Mrs. McCubbins notes on Krider/Crider, Robert & Elizabeth Holmes, Gabriel Holmes: John D. Holmes married Sally Krider; Rowan County Will Book: Susannah B. Holmes will; Sallie Krider b. 14 Feb.1792, d.18 June 1880; Rowan County Deed Book data for Thomas Holmes & Susannah, Elizabeth Krider & Jacob Krider, Barnabas Krider, Thomas Holmes, & George Holmes H-496

GL,Jr.: Nov.1970 research at Rowan County Public Library: Mrs. McCubbins notes on Moses Holmes, his son Cicero Holmes; Rowan County Deed Book data for George Holmes; Burial of Nancy (Holmes) Smith, b. 9 Jan. 1789, d. Mar.1870 (daughter of Jesse Holmes & Nancy Omen); Nancy Holmes (sister of  Reuben Holmes) married 1st Moses L. Holmes, 2nd William Smith; Davidson County Will Book: Jesse Holmes to wife Nancy, sons Reuben Holmes & Moses L. Holmes, daughters Nancy Holmes (wife of John Arey), Huldah Skeen Holmes, deceased (six children), Eliza Holmes (wife of Richard Reed) & Caroline M. Holmes; Iredell County Deed Book data for Francis Holmes; Rowan County Deed Book data for land on Hunting Creek H-497

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GL,Jr.: Apr.1971 research at the North Carolina State Library, Raleigh: no licenses for Holmes; Summons for Jury Duty: several for John Pinchback, none for Holmes; Rowan County Tax Lists, 1778: Francis Holmes, Nathaniel Holmes, Robert Holmes; 1783: Chris Cryder, George Krider, George Holmes; 1784: Richard Holmes; 1796: Rubin Homes; 1809: Henry Cryder, Peter Cryder, Bernard Cryder, Thomas Holmes; 1800: Barnet Krider; 1802: Thomas Holmes, Barnard Krider; 1810: Reuben Holmes, Thomas Holmes,Philip, Jacob, Henry, Peter, Barnet & Jacob Crider; 1815: Jacob Creater, Thomas Holmes, McD. Holmes, Jacob Crider, Jesse Holmes; 1819: Thomas Holmes, Henry & Peter Crider; 1820: Peter & Jacob Crider; 1821: Jno. Holmes; 1822: Jno. Holmes, Peter, George, Barnat & Jacob Krider; 1822: John Holmes, Peter & Barnabas Krider; 1823: John Holmes, Thomas Holmes, B. Crider, Jacob Krider; 1823 taxes due: George & Jacob  Krider;  Thomas Holmes, B. Crider; 1823 tax list: John Holmes, Thomas Holmes, B. Crider & Peter Krider; 1826 tax receipts for Salisbury: Peter Crider, Thomas Holmes, B. Crider; 1826 tax list: Peter Crider, Thomas Holmes, B. Crider; 1827 assessments: Peter Crider & Elizabeth Crider; 1829 tax return: Elizabeth Crider; 1820 assessment: Jacob Crider
H-523, H-524, H-525
GL,Jr.: Apr.1971 research at North Carolina State Library, Raleigh: Rowan County tax lists: 1835 & 1836: Jacob Krider; Rowan County tax lists, 1809-1814 (inclusive): Henry Crider, Peter Crider, Barnabas Crider, Reuben Holmes, Philip Crider, Jacob Crider, Henry Crider, Thomas Holmes, Jesse Holmes; A.R. Newsome, Records of Emigrants from England & Scotland to North Carolina 1774-1775, 1934: No Holmes, Blackwood, or Patrick names found; State Department of Archives & History, Newspaper Notices of Marriages & Deaths, 1764-1813, Raleigh: no Holmes marriages noticed, but the book has no index; later volumes not searched by GL,Jr.
H-526, H-527
GL,Jr.: Apr.1971 research at North Carolina State Library, Raleigh: Genealogical Society of Utah, Orange County North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1936: many Holmes family members; Genealogical Society of Utah, Rowan County North Carolina Marriage Bonds - second series, 1960 & 1965: Thomas Holmes & Barbara Crider, 25 Jan.1803; George Smith & Sarah Halemes, 22 May 1860 H-532

GL,Jr.: Apr.1971 research at North Carolina State Library, Raleigh: Orange County North Carolina Lists of Taxables 1799-1827: Moses Holmes, John Holmes (two properties); North Carolina Land Grant Office, Raleigh: grants to John Holmes (four), Robert Holmes, Thomas Holmes, Francis Holmes; GL,Jr. notes: Plats that start with zero signify that applications were made but not followed up and that envelopes in the Land grant boxes contain the surveyors' maps & transfer, but prior to 1765 the envelopes are empty. H-535

GL,Jr.: Apr.1971 research at North Carolina State Library, Raleigh: The North Carolinian (a quarterly journal of genealogy and history): deeds, tax lists, polls, marriages, wills, census data, etc. for various Holmes names H-541

GL,Jr.: Jul1971 research at North Carolina Land Grant Office, Raleigh: John Holmes warrant date 1807 - 170 acres on Hunting Creek next to John Blackwood (with plat); Thomas Holmes warrant date 1820 for 60 acres on Hunting Creek (with plat); Richard Speaks warrant for 200 acres on bear Creek next to William Patrick & John Pinchback (with plat; one chain bearer was Jeremiah Pinchback)

GL,Jr.: Jul.1971 research at North Carolina Land Grant Office, Raleigh: The North Carolinian: deeds & tax lists with many Holmes names; Orange County Wills of John, Jacob & Ludwick Albright, William Celendennin, & William Rogers, none with any Holmes names ... H-569

GL,Jr.: Sep.1971 research at North Carolina State Library, Raleigh: Rowan County Court Docket: many Holmes names for jury duty, verdicts, deeds; Mecklenburg County North Carolina Record of Deeds, 1762-1767: no deeds found for Holmes family; Rowan County Court Minutes & Dockets 1800-1817: Reuben Holmes, George Holmes & Thomas Holmes; Journal of North Carolina Genealogy: Edward Holmes & James Holmes; Rowan County North Carolina Tax Lists: Francis, Nathaniel, Robert, James, George, Richard, Thomas,  & Reuben Holmes
H-576, H-577, H-578
GL,Jr.: Sep.1971: North Carolina State Library, Raleigh: GL notes: In Mecklenburg County there is a family named Helms that is not a mis-spelling for Holmes; Mecklenburg County Record of Wills 1763-1842: Several Helms, also several Homes & Holmes names

May 1974 - Anonymous data in a small notebook; [the handwriting is unfamiliar to me - GL,III, ed.]:

[627] DAR Library: Kentucky State Historical Society Register mentions Will. H. Holmes, page 541;
John Taylor, History of Ten Baptist Churches (1827) mentions Sarah Gilbert, page 593; Kentucky Vital Statistics (Crittendon County) mentions Jul.1904 death of Sarah Gilbert at age 70; Kentucky Vital Statistics (Davie County) mentions 20 Aug.1857 death of Nancy Rowland, daughter of  John and Judy Gilbert, at age 35; George T. Holmes wrote a Master of Arts (M.A.) thesis, The Tax System of Kentucky in 1855; Kenneth L. Holmes wrote a M.A. thesis, Wally on International War and Peace in 1925;

[628] Rebecca N. Holmes wrote a M.A. thesis, The Social Changes of the Eighteenth Century as Shown by Certain Writers of This Century in 1928; Gilbert Family: Land & Labor in Kentucky, 1865, edited by Edward H. Hewes and Benjamin F. Gilbert; see also Kentucky Privateers in California by Benjamin Franklin Gilbert in Kansas State Historical Society Register, 38, pp 156-166 (1940); Shaw and Holmes advertised Windsor chairs in the Western World (1807); Isaac Holmes was a chairmaker in Fayette County in 1806;

[629] Robert Holmes was a chairmaker in 1804-1806, advertised for hog bristle for his brush factory, and also made spinning wheels; Mary J. Holmes mentioned as an author whose works are in the Western Kentucky State College collection under "fiction." Berkeley County West Virginia Will Book 1 - Aug.1780 will of Nathan Gilbert lists wife Elizabeth and children William Gilbert, Elias Gilbert and Rachael Gilbert; mention of Samuel Gilbert estate; marriage in Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia on 1 Sep.1851 of Moses Smith to Eleanor Gilbert; 8 Aug.1797 marriage in Berkeley County, West Virginia of Henry Gilbert to Elizabeth Pultz; 20 Jun.1797 marriage of John Kinney to Mary Luke (William Gilbert);

[630] Roy R. White, The Salt Industry of Clay County, Kentucky mentions John Gilbert; [... illegible data ...]

[631] Donald Holmes listed as member of Clear Creek Church in
History of Ten Churches, page 168; Index of Minutes of Jefferson County Court Book A (1780 & 1783) mentions Mary Holmes and Robert Holmes who personally appeared to claim 400 acres according to Act of Assembly passed in May 1781; survey of 400 acres for James Holmes in March 1782; Benjamin Franklin Gilbert: author of article, The Life and Writings of Hinton Rowan Helper, listed as Assistant Professor of History at San Jose State, California, member of Kentucky State Historical Society

[632] 1797 Tax List of Franklin County mentions settlers in the South Benson Valley in 1796-1797, including two parcels entered by John Holmes; Kentucky Agricultural M.S. Theses included: Edgar Armstrong Gilbert, Procurement of Fewer Cattle by Kentucky Farmers in 1947  in (1949) and William Best Gilbert,
Grazing Patterns in Continuously Grazed Pastures (1952); Jefferson County deaths 1852-1859 included: Gertrude Low, daughter of John R. Holmes on 10 Aug.1859 at age 25; Major Charles C. Gilbert was on the right wing of Buell's army in Oct. 18_2; sketch of the home of Daniel Henry Holmes

[633] Query regarding brother and sisters of John Mills and wife Hannah Holmes, married in 1804 and moved to Davian County, Kentucky; Abijiah B. Gilbert was a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1859-1860; Elizabeth G. Hutchison, daughter of Silas Gilbert died in Logan County, Kentucky on 14 May 1859 at age 29; Alexander Stuart, born 25 Nov.1761 in Augusta County, married Dorothy McGee on 13 Dec.1785 in Botetourt County and named her in his will as daughter of Jane Gilbert ...

[634] John Stewart (son of Alexander Stewart) married Polly Gilbert (daughter of Isaac Gilbert) on 25 Oct.1809; Aquilla Gilbert (son of Isaac Gilbert) married Jane Stewart (daughter of Alexander Stewart) on 1 Apr.1810; Sarah Ann Gilbert, daughter of Reuben and Frances Homes, died 7 Jul.1859 at age 18; Captain Holmes made surveys along Salt Lick Creek in 1773 ... etc.
[Note: Volume numbers on these pages are those of the Kentucky State Historical Society Register - GL,III, ed.] 

H-627, H-628, H-629, H-630, H-631, H-632, H-633, H-634
GL,Jr.: Feb.1975 data: Land Grant in Bladen County, North Carolina: 200 acres granted to Thomas Holmes on Peedee River; in Bladen County - 100 acres on Great Peedee to Thomas Holmes; in Anson County - 150 acres on Peedee to William Horn

GL,Jr.: Plats traced from an old map showing the proximities between the lands of Robert Holmes (two parcels), John Blackwood, William Patrick, and John Pinchback

GL,Jr. Annotated map entitled, Original Land Grants in the "Irish" and "Trading Camp" Settlements, 1747-1762, with four subsidiary areas marked in red rectangular outlines, i.e. for larger scale redntions of the map. The second page is the list of grantees in the stated period, including: Map #54 John Holmes. Parcel #124 is the Salisbury town land. Map source unknown.

H-882, H-883
GL,Jr.: Set IV: John Holmes, 1765-1847: Notes on his search for John Holmes records in the 1790 North Carolina Census; John Holmes received a warrant for 150 acres on Hunting Creek in Sep.1790, adjoining land surveyed for John Blackwood; no records attributable to John Holmes between 1790 & 1793; in Dec.1793, John Holmes witnessed the assignment of a warrant for 200 acres on Bear Creek to Robert Holmes (this John Holmes signature matches that in the Holmes family bible); also in Dec.1793, John Holmes married Susanna Blackwood, daughter of John Blackwood (witnesses were John & Lydia Pinchback); in Nov.1798 John Holmes married Presha Patrick, daughter of William Patrick
GL,Jr.: Research at Harrisonburg, Virginia; Jo White Linn, Abstracts & Minutes of Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, Rowan County, North Carolina, 1753-1762: John Holmes & Thomas Holmes, 1756 to 1759 records. Jo White Linn & Sherbourne McLaughlin, North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal - Colonial Abstracts of Rowan County, North Carolina: tax lists for Robert Holms, p.40, ca.1768. Loren B. Austin, North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Genealogy in North Carolina Supreme Court Cases: bequest to Mildred, wife of Gabriel Homes, p.126, Jan.1813. Robert M. Topkins, North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal - Marriage & Death Notices from Rutherford County, North Carolina Newspapers: Thomas Holmes, formerly of Salisbury, died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. p.219 North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Nov. 1982