Section VI - Massey Data Bank One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
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Maryland Land Records, Kent County,
EF #6, pp. 414,415
Daniel Toas Massey to Charles Wiggon, March 18, 1784

March 18, 1784 (recorded March 18, 1785): Charles Wiggon (Wiggins)  of New Castle County leases a 500 acre portion of Partnership from Daniel Toas Massey of Kent County in Maryland; Daniel to provide two good horses, plow and gear; and Charles to pay in wheat and cornhills planted. Witnesses:James Gilbert and Lou Niemann.
This indenture made twenty eighth day of September in the year of our Lord Christ seventeen hundred and eighty four between Daniel Toas Massey of the State of Maryland, farmer of the one part and Charles Wiggon of New Castle County of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Daniel Toas Massey for and in consideration of the two covenants and agreements herein after mentioned, reserved, and contained, have granted, demised, leased, and set [illegible] to farm letten and by these presents doth grant, demise, lease, set and to farm lett unto the said Charles Wiggon all that plantation wherein said Daniel Toas now lives and comprises known by the name of Partnership being altogether one tract of land containing about five hundred acres of land more or less lying and being in Kent County and the state aforesaid with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging or any wise appertaining, excepting the timber trees standing and growing whereof there shall be no waste made nor none sold nor no other use made any more than what will reasonably enclose the clear land but full liberty of a sufficient quantity of firewood during the term thereafter mentioned unto the said Charles but no liberty of selling either timber or firewood during the said term nor no waste made of either and also both timber and firewood to be cut where it best suits said Daniel Toas also said Daniel Toas is to put the dwelling house and kitchen wherein said Toas now lives in proper repair for said Charles at or before said Charles's entrance on the premises.  To have and to hold the said demised etc. premises with every of their appurtenances (except what is already excepted) unto the said Charles Wiggon from the said first day of January next for and during the full end and term of seven years from thence next ensuing and fully to be complete and ended yielding and paying therefore every year during the said term one half of all the wheat that shall be raised on the said premises together with one third part of all the Indian corn also to be paid unto the said Daniel Toas, his heirs, or assigns, said [illegible] finding one half the said wheat during the said term, and it is further agreed between the said parties that the said Charles shall sow to the amount of eighty thousand corn hills in fallow in good order and in reasonable time with good wheat every year during said term and said Charles agrees to plant not less nor more than one hundred and twenty thousand corn hills of Indian corn and sow the same in wheat on the premises every year during the said term said Daniel Toas also to find two good working horses and plow yearly during said term and said Charles to find provender and return the horses, plow, and gear at the end of the term and it is also agreed that said Charles shall not feed any of his flocks on the wheat in the ground, winter or summer, during the said term and Charles also to be clear of all assignments and arrears of quit rents on the premises heretofore or hereafter and for the true performance of all and singular the said arguments said parties to these presents find themselves and their heirs each to the other in the penal sum of two hundred pounds current money of said state. In witness whereof the said parties Daniel Toas and Charles have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.
Sealed and delivered
in the presence of us -
Daniel Toas Massey

The words, nor no other use made, between the fourteenth and fifteenth lines of this present instrument of writing and the words, sow the same in wheat, between the thirty third and thirty fourth lines was interlined before the delivery of these presents; also said Charles is to leave all the aforesaid premises of oats and two of the flax every year during said term nor above five of flax.
James Gilbert     Lou Niemann

Recorded the 18th day of March 1785.
Ben Chambers clerk
Maryland Land Records, Kent County, Daniel Toas Massey to Charles Wiggon, March 18, 1784
Maryland Land Records, Kent County, Daniel Toas Massey to Charles Wiggon, March 18, 1784