Section VI - Massey Data Bank One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

Maryland Land Records, Kent County, JS #N, pp. 25-26

Peter Massey and Nicholas Massey, Jr., division, March  16, 1718

March 16, 1718 (recorded May 8, 1719): Nicholas Massey, Jr. and Peter Massey divide the 200 acres of Massey's Venture into two parts: ... [incomplete - GL,III, ed.]
Whereas Peter Massey of Kent County and Nicholas Massey, Junior, of Queen Anne's County have laid out for them a certain tract or parcel of land called and known by the name of Massey's venture containing 200 acres of land etc.
Now therefore to notify all and every person or persons whom it may concern that we the said Peter Massey and Nicholas Massey do hereby divide the said parcel of land in the manner and [illegible] following viz. The aforesaid Peter to have that part next adjoining onto the plantation where he now lives beginning at a bounded White Oak being the East most bounded tree of a parcel called Well Meaning and the beginning tree of the aforesaid land called Massey's Venture and then running from the said tree North sixty five degrees West two hundred and twelve perches thence North East seventy seven perches thence South 65° East
two hundred and twelve perches then to the aforesaid bounded tree containing one hundred acres of ...

[the following text does not belong
with this document - GL,III, ed.]

....................[three illegible lines].....................

... tree of said land being on the upper [illegible] North side of the marsh by William Rolf's and [illegible] according to the upper line of said land from said cedar and do hereby [illegible] permit them to make use of such timber as they shall want for the plantation's use on said land (upon condition that they permit no other person to destroy it on any pretense whatsoever). And also do suffer them to cease any work such part of my land next to them as they shall have occasion [illegible] to employ their servants during their lives but do not hereby in an wise mean or intend to debar myself if I should see convenient to settle on plantation and put servants thereon neither when please God any [of] my children are grown up capable to inherit be debarred by them from settling and making use of my aforesaid tract of land called Derby at either mine or their pleasure [illegible]. Witness my hand and seal this 10th day of December Anno Domini 1718.
Edward [illegible]
Signed, sealed, and delivered
in the presence of
Max. Smyth

Recorded May the 8th day Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and nineteen.

Sam Smith County Clerk
Maryland Land Records, Kent County, Peter Massey and Nicholas Massey, Jr., division, March  16, 1718