Section VI - Massey Data Bank One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
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Maryland Land Records, Queen Anne's County, BY & GS #5, p. 35
James Massey, patent, December 5, 1749

December 5, 1749: James Massey's patent of Massey's Addition, a 23.75 acre parcel in Queen Anne's County in Maryland; surveyed for the Crown by John Emory and countersigned by Benjamin Tasker.
James Massey's
Part 23-1/2 acres
Massey's Addition
To the Hon. his Lordship's agent etc.
December the 5th Anno Domini 1749.
Pat'd 5th of December 1749
Rent [illegible] annually 11-3/4 sterl.
[illegible] to the rent roll
By virtue of a warrant for twenty one acres of land granted in common form onto James Massey of Queen Anne's County dated the 12th day of September last as may appear.

This may humbly certify that I, John Emory, his Lordship's Surveyor for Queen Anne's County, have surveyed and laid out for and in the name of him the said James Massey a tract or parcel of land, called Massey's Addition, lying and being in the county aforesaid.

Beginning at a red oak bounded with twelve notches standing on the East side of the Unicorn Branch in a point below Hadley's… Over going and run from said red oak North twenty three degrees East seventy four perches and North thirty degrees West eighteen perches and North thirty seven degrees West thirty four perches and North thirty three degrees East thirty nine perches and South twenty degrees East eighty one perches and South thirty degrees West sixteen perches and South sixty eight perches and from there with a straight line to the said beginning red oak, containing and now laid out for twenty three and a half acres of land more or less to beholden of the Mannor of Baltemore.
John Emory, Deputy Surveyor
of Queen Anne's County
1st of August 1750
Examined and passes
R {his mark} Exam.

On the back of the foregoing certificate was the following receipt, viz.:
I have received two shillings and six pence for the within warranty patent may therefore issue with his [illegible] approbation.
20th June 1750.
Benjamin Tasker
I am Oglo Shaw.
Maryland Land Records, Queen Anne's County, BY & GS #5, p.35, James Massey, patent, December 5, 1749