Section VI - Massey Data Bank One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

Maryland Land Records, Kent County Land Office, DD #5, p. 48
Nicholas Massey, patent, July 8, 1702

July 8, 1702: Nicholas Massey's patent of Massey's Hazard, a 90 acre portion of a 1,000 acre tract in Kent County, Maryland, and adjoining land formerly of Simon Gillmore.  Deputy Surveyor for the county: Daniel Baes.
July 18, 1700
I do hereby assign unto Nicholas Massey of Kent County, [illegible] of and part of  [illegible] of one thousand acres granted and bearing date the 22nd of May last [illegible] as witness my hand & [illegible].
Dan Baes

[illegible...illegible...illegible] that by virtue of the above [illegible] Dan'll [illegible], deputy surveyor of Kent County [illegible] [illegible ............... ....................................] of [illegible.........] the day of [illegible] in Maryland have surveyed & laid out for in the name of the above Nicholas Massey a plot or tract of land called Massey's Hazard, situate lying in Kent County and on the Eastern side of the [illegible] branch of  a branch of Chester River called the Unicorn Branch.  Beginning at an old bounded white oak [illegible] being the first boundary of a tract of land formerly taken up by Simon Gillmore containing one thousand acres [illegible] from [to trees ?] South three hundred & sixty [illegible] the [illegible] intersect the road [illegible] branch, then down to branch on its [illegible] courses viz. North fifty two degrees West twenty [lengths], then North thirty [lengths], then North sixtwewen degrees thirty minutes [illegible] forty eight [lengths], then North [illegible] degrees thirty  minutes. East twenty [lengths] then North sixteen degrees [illegible] ninety eight [lengths], then North [illegible] 0110 [lengths], then North thirty four degrees thirty minutes East seventy nine [lengths] then with a straight line back to the first marked [illegible] [illegible] & now laid out for ninety acres of land more or less to be [illegible] of Baltemore mannor.
Dan Baes {his mark}

8th July, 1702 [illegible] patented for the above land to the above Nicholas [Massey ?] to the above [illegible]
Maryland Land Records, Kent County Land Office, Nicholas Massey, patent, July 8, 1702