Section IV  Massey Appendices One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

Dorchester County Maces/Masseys

The table below is from GL,Jr.'s Appendix V, Mace Family: Dorchester County, Maryland, prepared ca. 1985, based on his access to the Maryland Calendar of Wills through Judge Frank Massey and from his fifty years of research up until then.
The table below was prepared by GL,III from same Wills data as at left plus the cited Maryland land deeds in Appendix LXII.
George Langford Jr.'s Mace Diagram - Appendix 5
Dorchester County Mace/Massey family tree, Appendix 62
The deeds cited on the preceding pages for Dorchester County contain many references to Mace/Massey relatives by name and by their parents and or siblings.  This is first-hand information spoken by the principals in the various transactions to the recording clerks and then transcribed into the county record books, and from there digitally scanned or microfilmed on to the Maryland State Archives.  Father's tree at left was largely and explicitly speculative, which is why he named no specific sources except the Wills abstracted by Judge Massey.  I found the same Wills in abstract form in the US Archive.Org online databases for the first five volumes of Jane Baldwin Cotton's Maryland Calendar of Wills, and can confirm that Judge Massey abstracted those wills accurately.
George Langford, III, ed.