Section V  Massey Excursi One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

Excursus VIII: Hawkins

Published Genealogical Records

We have found no published Hawkins Genealogy or genealogical article that can be linked to our particular Hawkins line [as of c.1980 - GL,III, ed.]

Unpublished Genealogical Records

Back in 1931-1932, when I embarked on research of my ancestral lines, seeking the ancestry of Eliza Jane Matilda Hawkins, wife of my Daniel Withers, her father was named as Capt. John Hawkins, born in Maryland and in command of Virginia Continental troops.  But there appeared to be three or four Capt. John Hawkins who fitted this description.

For many years I sought positive identification of the proper John Hawkins, jotting down every bit of Hawkins data that I came across, but never finding the data for positive identification.  I accumulated about fifty closely written Hawkins notes without success.  There my Hawkins research rested.

In 1974 Lou Hough and I were brought together by our joint interest in producing this book on Massey and allied families.

Lou had also accumulated many pages of uncoordinated Hawkins data, and in 1975 he decided to undertake the untangling of the several Hawkins clans that fluourished in several contiguous Virginia and Maryland counties.  I donated my notes to Lou's, and he added much more material via facilities of the L.D.S. [The Church of Latter-Day Saints - GL,III, ed.]

Absorbing, untangling and coordinating all of this data required, not only a monumental amount of patient, hard, detailed labor, but also, and much more importantly, genealogical detective skill of the highest order.

By 1977, Lou Hough had accomplished his purpose; Excursus VIII: Hawkins is based, almost 100%, on his notes and on two of his large Hawkins Family diagrams, Chart II and Chart III: "Ralph Hawkins, Sr., Anne Arundel County, Maryland," revised 15 Jun.1977; revised 10 Apr.1978; revised 3 Jun.1981.

Potential Hawkins Genealogy

In addition to the Chart II and Chart III that I used for this Esxcursus VIII: Hawkins, Lou also produced six large additional diagrams:
"Hawkins of Maryland; the Early Ones," 15 Jun.1977; revised 10 Apr.1978; revised 5 Jun.1981. [Contains about thirty-five Hawkins names.]
"Hawkins; Anne Arundel County, Maryland; Partly Baltimore County," 15 Jun.1977; revised 11 Apr.1978; revised 5 Jun.1981. [Contains about seventy Hawkins names.]
"Hawkins of that part of Baltimore County that became Hartford County, Maryland," Apr.1978; revised 3 Jun.1981. [Contains the probable brothers Robert Hawkins and John Hawkins, Jr. and sixty or so Hawkins names.]
"Henry Hawkins, Charles County, Maryland," 15 Jun.1977; revised 12 Apr.1978; revised 3 Jun.1981. [Contains over sixty Hawkins names.]
"Hawkins of Eastern Shore, Maryland," 13 Apr.1977; revised 20 Apr.1978. [Contains about thirty-five Hawkins names.]
"The Other Fauquier County, Virginia Hawkins," 1 Jun.1981. [Contains over fifty Hawkins names.]

In addition to these eight diagrams, there are over sixty pages of notes of the sources that support the diagrams.

With all of the hard, preliminary work already completed, the next and obvious step would be to work it up into a formal Hawkins Genealogy of this Virginia-Maryland geographical area.

Lou Hough has decided that he does not choose to act as author of such a Hawkins Genealogy; [instead, he] would prefer to turn over his material to a Hawkins descendant qualified and ready to assume the responsibility.  To date [c.1980 - GL,III, ed.], such a person has not been found. 

It would be a shame if all this excellent preliminary groundwork were to go unused.  We urge that prospective authors come forward and work out an arrangement with:
Mr. O.L. Hough
[address redacted - GL,III, ed.]
[Orville Louis Hough died May 23, 1988, not long after this was written - GL,III, ed.]

1.Ralph Hawkins, Sr.


Death: Will probated 19 Sep.1669, in Anne Arundel Co., Md.

Marriage: Margaret _____________, d.Will 6 Mar.1676, probated 19 Feb.1677.  She married 2nd, after 1676, Richard Thurell.

Children (there are probably others):
+2.William Hawkins, Sr., b.c.1648, d.1711, Baltimore.  He married first, c.1669, Elizabeth Meers.  He married, second, c.1677, Ann Rockhold.
3.Ralph Hawkins, Jr., b.c.1655.  He married either niece or daughter of Richard Moses, d.Will 1676, Anne Arundel Co., Md.  He attested Will of William Neale, 4 Dec.1675, and the Will of John Johnston, 24 Sep.1700.  Guardian, 1703, of John Neale, Quaker, Anne Arundel Co.
4.Sarah Hawkins, b. after 1660, "youngest daughter of Margaret."
5.Elizabeth Hawkins, b. after 1660, "second youngest daughter." Perhaps married _______ Slade.
6. Margaret Hawkins, b. probably c.1657.  Called "daughter of Ralph Hawkins" in 1670 Will of William Harris.

Patented 600 acre tract "Hawkins" on the Magothy River, near the Baltimore Co., Md. line.

150 acre tract to Wm. Hawkins.

27 Sep.1652
25 acre tract to town of Magothy.

"Ralph's Neck," 100 acres.

"Hawkins Neck," 100 acres.

Made his Will.  Witnessed by Joseph Hawkins and William Neale.

2.William Hawkins, Sr. (1.Ralph)


25 Mar.1711 Death: Nuncupative [oral, before witnesses - GL,III, ed.] Will, probated 22 Jun.1711, Baltimore Co., Md.

1st marriage: Elizabeth Meers, daughter of Thomas Meers, who d. with Will, 1674.

2nd marriage: Ann Rockhold, sister of John Rockhold, who d. with Will, 1698.  She was widow of Stephen White, who d.1676, and whose estate was appraised by 3.Ralph Hawkins.  The son of Stephen White and Ann Rockhold, Stephen White, Jr., married 8.Henry Hawkins.

Children with Elizabeth Meers:
+7.William Hawkins, Jr., b.c.1670, d.1722; inventory 24 Apr.1722 by Matthew Hawkins.  He married first, possibly, ________ Gardner.  He married second, possibly, __________ Pennington.  He married third, after 1715, Judith Hope.  He married, perhaps, fourth, Anne __________, who married second, Robert Emory.
8.Mary Hawkins, m. her step-brother, Stephen White, Jr.  They had three children, named as grandchildren by 2.William Hawkins, Sr.:
John White
Stephen White
William White
9.[a daughter] m. Edward Smith.
10.[a daughter] m. Charles Baker.
Probable son:
+37.Matthew Hawkins, b.c.1700; d.Will, 13 Nov.1755.  He m. first, Mary ____________.  He m. second, 25 Jul.1720, Rachel Burke, b.1713.

3 Oct.1667
Patented 150 acre tract "Hawkins Habitation" on the Magothy River.

Tract, "Rednigo."

100 acre tract, "Hawkins Range."

4 Jul.1669
On a jury.

139 acre tract, "Hawkins Choice."

203 acre tract, "Hawkins Addition."

160 acre tract, "White's ASddition," for orphans of Stephen White.

On a Patapsco Hundred tax list, with 7.William Hawkins, Jr. and Stephen White, Jr.

29 Nov.1703
Sold 50 acre part of "Hawkins Habitation" to _________ Blyden.

7.William Hawkins, Jr. (2.William, 1.Ralph)


Death: Inventory 24 Apr.1722 by 11.Matthew Hawkins; Executor Accounts, 19 Mar.1722, Baltimore Co., Md.

1st marriage: possibly _________ Gardner, daughter of Francis Gardner, d.Will 1714 lists "Grandson, William Hawkins."

2nd marriage: possibly, Elizabeth Pennington.

3rd marriage: Judith Hope.

4th marriage: perhaps, Anne __________, who m. second, Robert Emory.

Children with __________ Gardner [Note: No positive proof of these three sons; but partly due to the 1714 Fraqncis Gardner Will, they are listed by hyopothesis as "very likely."]:
+11.William Hawkins, b.c.1693, d.1751.  He m. first, c.1718, Mary Middleton.  He m. second, c.1725, Sarah Noble.
+12.Thomas Hawkins, b.c.1698, d.1743, m.c.1717, Sarah _____________.
13.Joseph Hawkins, Sr. of Charles Co., Md., b.c.1708, d.24 Feb.1752, age 44, Prince George's Co., Md.  He perhaps m. Priscilla, daughter of Alex Magruder.

Called "cousin" (nephew) of John Rockhold.

Patented 150 acre tract, "Justice Come at Last," on the Magothy River.

On a tax list with his father.

Francis Gardner in his Will mentions, "Grandson William Hawkins."

William Hawkins, with wife Elizabeth, sells tract, "Justice Come at Last," to James Govane.

14 Mar.1722
Baltimore Co., Md: Estate Account.  One creditor of the estate was James Govane.

11.William Hawkins (7.William, 2.William, 1.Ralph)

Birth: probably in Baltimore Co., Md.

Death: Will; probated 9 Nov.1751.

1st marriage: Mary Middleton, daughter of Thomas Middleton.  She d.26 Mar.1725, likely at birth of 17.Thomas Hawkins.

2nd marriage: Sarah Noble, b.18 Nov.1709, d.c.1745.  She was daughter of Joseph Noble, Sr. and his wife Mary.

Children with Mary Middleton:
14.John Hawkins, "son of William," b.c.1719.  Bought 72 acre tract, "Stones Delight," sold it to 19.James Hawkins, 28 Nov.1759.
15.William Hawkins, b.c.1721, d.1752, intestate.  19.James Hawkins was Administrator of his estate.
16.Samuel Hawkins, b.c.1723.
17.Thomas Hawkins, b.c.1725 (under age 21 in 1745.)  Inherited 60 acre tract, "Long Point," from his father-in-law, Thomas Middleton, Frederick Co., Md.  Got the 73 acre tract that 18.Noble Hawkins sold to 19.James Hawkins in 1757.

Children with Sarah Noble:
18.Noble Hawkins, b.c.1726, d.4 Mar.1750, possibly unmarried.  Inherited 73 acre tract, "Stones Delight." A member of St. James Church, Piscataway.
19.James Hawkins, b.25 Oct.1728.  Inherited 73 acre tract, "Stones Delight."  Married, c.1761, Elizabeth Noble.  Member of St. James Church.
20.Mary Eleanor Hawkins, b.17 Nov.1730, m.6 May 1753, Peter Dent, and they had son, William Dent, b.4 Mar.1756.  Members of St. James Church.

Sold tract, "Hawk Porch," to H.H. Hawkins.

27 Jun.1734
"Stones Delight."

21 Feb.1739
"Stones Delight."

12Thomas Hawkins (7.William, 2.William, 1.Ralph)
Birth: probably in Baltimore Co., Md.

Death: Administration Accounts 1743 & 1745

Marriage: Sarah _________; Samuel Manson went bond for her. Sureties were Marmaduke Summers and Joseph Noble.  Sarah d. with Will 20 May 1747, probated 26 Jun.1751.  Samuel Hanson was executor and bondsman.

Children, listed in the same order as in Sarah's Will:
21.Anne Hawkins, b.c.1718.  She m. Samuel Hanson, Jr., b.20 Dec.1716, d.Nov.1794, who m. second, Ann Brown, widow of Claggettand Homer.  Anne Hawkins and her husband, Samuel Hanson, Jr., moved to Fairfax Co., Va. and had three children, all born in Fairfax Co.:
Col. Samuel Hanson, of Alexandria, b.1752, Portobacco, d.1830.  He m.1777, Mary Key, and they had daughter, Ann Hanson.
Thomas Hawkins Hanson, b.1750, Charles Co., Md.
Sarah Hawkins Hanson, m. Dr. Beans.
22.Elizabeth Hawkins, b.c.1720, m.c.1747, John Doncastle.
23.Eleanor Hawkins, b.c.1721, d.Will 21 May 1751, probated 1 Mar.1752.  She did not marry.  Her Will was witnessed by her brother, 25.Randolph Hawkins and his wife, Mary.  Executor of her estate was Samuel Hanson. 
25.Randolph Hawkins, b.c.1724-1727, d.Will 4 Dec.1769, probated 16 Jan.1770.  He m. Mary ________ (possibly Mary Middleton, daughter of James Middleton.)  Account of Samuel Hanson, Jr. lists "Hawkins Purchase" and "Goats Lodge" to Smith Middleton, brother of Mary Middleton.
26.Thomas Marshall Hawkins, b.1728, d.Will 13 Mar.1761, probated 30 Apr.1766.  He m. Ann __________ (possible Greeman ?) No children.
+27.John Hawkins, b.c.1726, d.1754, Fairfax Co., Va.  He m., c.1748, Mary __________, who d. with Will, 4 May 1777, probated Jun.1777.
[Note: Lou Hough writes: "Not one shred of positive evidence that 27.John Hawkins is son of 12.Thomas Hawkins [has been found] but all other possibilities have been eliminated, so conclusion that 27.John Hawkins is son of 12.Thomas Hawkins is inescapable."]

27.John Hawkins (12.Thomas, 7.William, 2.William, 1.Ralph)


14 Feb.1754 Death: Will, 22 Aug.1752; Inventory 19 Nov.1754, Fairfax Co., Va.

Marriage: Mary __________, b.c.1730.  Her Will, 4 May 1777, probated Jun.1777; witnesses were Peter Wise and Francis Marbury.

28.James Hawkins, b.c.1749, d.1827; m. Eliza _____________.
29.Thomas Hawkins, b.c.1754.
30.Randolph Hawkins, b.c.1752.
31.Eleanor Hawkins, b.c.1754.  She manumitted [i.e., set free - GL,III, ed.] slave Celia, 10 Nov.1791, Fairax Co., Va.  This Deed was witnessed by John Hawkins.
+32.John Hawkins, b.c.1750, Charles Co., Md.; d.1802, Fauquier Co., Va.  M.c.1781-1785, Alexandria, Va., Alice Corbin Thomson.

Fairfax Co., Va.: John Hawkins and his wife, Mary, moved from Charles Co., Md. to Fairfax Co., Va.  They bought a house and lot from Wm. Hunter.
14 Feb.1754
Fairfax Co., Va.: John Hawkins died.

Mary _______, b.c.1730, d.1777; widow of John Hawkins, b.c.1726, d.1754

Fairfax Co., Va.:
"Mary --- got into the Tavern business after the death of John Hawkins in 1754.
"In Mary Hawkins Inventory of 1777, there were so many items of Rum and other potables, 15 beds, etc. that it is an inescapable conclusion that she had operated an Ordinary, since she also had cows, calves, and horses."
4 May 1777
Fairfax Co., Va.:Mary Hawkins wrote her Will:
Children: James, John, Thomas, Randolph and Eleanor Hawkins;
Sole Executor: Randolph & John Hawkins;
Witnesses: Adam Lynn, Peter Wise, and Francis H. Marbury.
16 Jun.1777
Fairfax Co., Va.: Mary Hawkins Will was probated. James Hawkins appeared as "Executor."  John Hawkins had enlisted in the Spring of 1777, which accounts for his absence.
2; 3
30 Jun.1777
Fairfax Co., Va.: Inventory of the estate was made; and [it was then] recorded 18 Aug.1777; Inventory was made by Joseph Watson, Peter Wise, and John Muir.
5 Jul.1777 - to late Aug.
Fairfax Co., Va.: Estate Accounts lists creditors:
John Lomax (who, in 1790, witnessed a John Hawkins Deed to John Wise.)
Col Carlyle (who was a partner of John Dalton, the original owner of the 367-3/4 acre Fairfax tract.  He and John Dalton also operated an Ordinary in Alexandria.)
Samuel Hanson, husband of 21.Anne Hawkins.
Walter Hanson, formerly of Charles Co., Md.
Francis Marbury; also an estate Trustee and Will witness.

32.Capt.John Hawkins (27.John,12.Thomas, 7.William, 2.William, 1.Ralph)

Birth: in Charles Co., Md.

Death: in Fauquier Co., Va., intestate. He is buried at Bucklands, Prince William Co., Md., about nine miles east of Warrenton, Fauquier Co., Va.
Marriage: in either Alexandria Co., Va., or  perhaps the District of Columbia, Alice Corbin Thomson.  She was b.1762, d.Jul.1817, Fauquier Co., Va.  She was the daughter of Dr. Adam Thomson, b.21 Oct.1716, Scotland; d.16 Sep.1767, New York, N.Y., and his third wife, Lettice Lee, d.3 Apr.1776.

33.Emily Sprigg Hawkins; m.26 Dec.1821, Fauquier Co., Va., William E. Hunton.  On 28 Nov.1821, as "Orphan of John Hawkins, deceased," she made choice of 6.Daniel Withers as her guardian.
34.Adelaide Eleanor Hawkins, b.1798, d.1872; m.12 Mar.1815, Fauquier Co., Va., Caleb Dorsey Gwynne. [Note: She may be the Adelaide, whose tombstone in Boonville, Mo. is either mis-identified or mis-read as Adelaide Gilliam.]

34.Eliza Jane Matilda Hawkins, b.c.1788, d.1871, Boonville, Cooper Co., Mo.  She m. first, c.1810, 6.Daniel Withers, b.c.1775, d.c.1828.  She m. second, 17 Sep.1834, Fauquier Co., Va., Peter Pierce, b.1794, d.1871, Boonville.
36.Maria Love Hawkins, b.1789, d.1826, Fauquier Co., Va., 10 Feb.1806, John Washington Adams Smith, b.1781, d.1833, Fauquier Co.

Spring, 1776
John Hawkins was commissioned Ensign, 3rd Company, Third Virginia Regiment, Continental Army. [Note: During his Revolutionary War service, he served as Ensign, Lieutenant, Adjutant, and captain in this regiment.]
11 Sep.1776
He was commissioned Lieutenant in the Third Virginia Regiment.
At the siege of Charleston, So. Car., he was serving as Captain in the Third Virginia. [Note: The Third Virginia was commanded by several Colonels, among them:]
Col. Thomas Marshall, for a short time in 1777.
Col. George Weedon.
Col. William Heth, for most of the time.
8 Aug.1782
Virginia Military District of Ohio; Land Warrants for Military Service:
John Hawkins: #2540: Lt. 3 years.  This Warrant, for 2,666-2/3 acres, was issued 20 Feb.1784.
John Hawkins: #3829: Capt. 3 years.  This Warrant, for 1,333-1/3 acres, was issued 28 Apr.1785.
7 Jul.1784
John Hawkins, of Prince George Co., Md., buys part of Alexandria, Va. Lot #163 from William Hunter.
23 Jun.1785
Alexandria, Fairfax Co., Va.: John Hawkins of Alexandria buys part of Alexandria Lot #108 from Peter Wise.
8 Nov.1786
John and Alice Hawkins sell a 360 acre Prince Georges Co., Md. tract to William Sprigg Bowie, but a flaw in the Deed prevented it from being recorded.
Alexandria, Va.: Samuel Hanson, husband of 21.Ann Hawkins, lived on Alexandria Lot #176, corner of Duke and St. Asaph, one block from the house of John and Alice Hawkins, who lived at the corner of Duke and Pitt.
Fairfax Co., Va.: John and Alice Hawkins sell Charles Co., Md. land to John Gwinn.
10 Nov.1787
Fairfax Co., Va.: John and Alice Hawkins sell their 360 acre Prince George Co., Md. tract to Renaldo Johnson.  This was Deed to correct the 8 Nov.1786 Deed.
20 Mar.1788
Fairfax Co., Va.: John and Alice Hawkins sell part of Alexandria Lot #108 to Wm. H. Powell.
14 Jun.1788
Fairfax Co., Va.: John and Alice Hawkins sell their half of the Prince Georges Co., Md., Wardrop land; Lilburn and Mary Lee Hawkins Williams sell the other half.
12 Jul.1788
Fairfax Co., Va.: John and Alice Hawkins sell the balance of Lot #108 to Charles Simms.
22 Sep.1789
Fairfax Co., Va.: For 900 pounds, John and Alice Hawkins buy from William and Catherine Bird a 367-3/4 acre tract in Fairfax Co., "late the property of John Dalton, Esq." 3
20 Apr.1790
Fairfax Co., Va.: John and Alice C. Hawkins sell the 367-3/4 acre Fairfax Co. tract to John Wise.
27 May 1790
Fairfax Co., Va.: John and Alice Hawkins sell Prince Georges Co. tract, "The Meadows," near Marlboro, to __________ Clarke.
12 Nov.1790
Fairfax Co., Va.: John Hawkins manumits his faithful slave, Jerry.
15 Apr.1791
John Hawkins takes part in cornerstone laying of A.F. & A.M. [Ancient Free and Accepted Masons - GL,III, ed.] Lodge, Washington, D.C.
1794 - 22 Mar.1802
John Hawkins was sued for debt by Pickett & Blackwell, Joseph Nelson, Ambrose Bennett, and Sarah Gordon.  During this period, John Hawkins also sued others.
18 Oct.1794
Fauquier Co., Va.: John Hawkins was sued by Cumberlane Wilson over 670 acre tract of land bought from Henry Lee between 1790 and 1794 and "recorded in the District Court at Dumphries" to cover debt to Dunbar & Voss of 312:10:2.  This Mortgage Deed was witnessed by John Ashton, John Fitzhugh, Peyton R. Grimsely, and Zela Bridwell.
18 May1799
Fauquier Co., Va.: John Hawkins promises to pay to James Neall, Executor of the estate of James Young, deceased, 900 pounds, 19 shillings on 1 Nov.1799.  John Hawkins, for the sum mentioned in the above obligation, sold to James Neale a negro man, named Sam.  Witnesses: James Hamett & Joseph Lowry.
29 Oct.1799
Fauquier Co., Va.: John Hawkins' Mortgage Deed of 28 Mar.1799, was recorded by F. Brooke.
23 Dec.1799
Fauquier Co., Va.: The 18 May 1799 promise to pay was recorded by witnesses.  This indicates that the promise went unpaid in November.
Fauquier Co., Va.: John Hawkins, Plaintiff, vs. John Maddox, Defendant: on a petition.
25 Nov. 1801
Fauquier Co., Va.: John Hawkins sells to Timothy Bray, for 95 pounds, one negro man, named Sam.  Witnesses: W. Lee Skinker, Jr. and John Bray. [Question: Dis he pay the 18 May 1799 debt and keep Sam; or was this another Sam ?]
22 Mar.1802
Fauquier Co., Va.: Sarah Gordon, Plaintiff, vs. John Hawkins, Defendant, in Chancery.  [Paraphrasing:] The Court orders that the land involved in this suit be sold, at the Tavern of Thaddeus Morris, by Joseph Blackwell (Merchant) Martin Pickett or John Wake, to the highest bidder, and that John Hawkins and his wife sign the Deed.  Also, that Gordon pay the costs of the suit.
26 Apr.1802
Fauquier Co., Va.: By consent of the parties, the Court decree of 22 Mar.1802 is set aside.
26 Apr.1802 Fauquier Co., Va.: The Court directs that John Maddux pay to John Hawkins two half Joes with interest at 5 percent per annum from 20 Sep.1796.  Also that Maddux pay the court costs.
24 May 1802
Fauquier Co., Va.: Bill of Sale of negro Sam by John Hawkins to Timothy Bray, on 25 Nov.1801, was proved and recorded.
26 Jul.1802
Fauquier Co., Va.: Suit by John Hawkins against John Maddux was continued.
23 Aug.1802
Fauquier Co., Va.: Sarah Williams vs. John Hawkins, for debt.  John Love, attorney for Hawkins, pleaded that the debt had been paid.  John Redman offered to pay the debt or go to prison in place of John Hawkins, if John Hawkins should lose the case.  Judgment against Hawkins was set aside.
23 Aug.1802 Fauquier Co., Va.: The Court considered whether John Maddux and Joseph Wilson should pay to John Hawkins the fifteen pounds, one shilling, and seven pence, halfpenny against costs expended by John Hawkins.  But the Court decided that the Judgment may be discharged by payment of seven pounds, ten shillings, and nine pence, three farthings, plus interest at six percent per annum from 3 Jun.1802, plus costs.
23 Aug.1802
Fauquier Co., Va.: In suit for debt by Pickett & Blackwell against John Hawkins, Joseph O'Bannon undertook to be special bail and pledge for John Hawkins.
Fauquier Co., Va.: John Hawkins died intestate

Alice Corbin Thomson, b.1762, d.1817; widow of Capt. John Hawkins, b.1750, d.1802.

28 Sep.1802
Fauquier Co., Va.: John Love is granted Letters of Administration of the estate of John Hawkins, deceased.  The widow, being in Court, consented.  The widow, Alice Hawkins, acknowledged bond of $2,000.00.  The Court ordered that the estate of John Hawkins be appraised by Ambrose Barnett and Aaron Grigsby.
25 Oct.1802
Fauquier Co., Va.: The Court ordered an allotment to Alice Hawkins of her Dower, in the estate of John Hawkins.
28 Feb.1803
Fauquier Co., Va.: An inventory of the estate of John Hawkins was returned and recorded.  An account of sales at the estate of John Hawkins was returned and recorded.
31 Mar.1803
Fauquier Co., Va.: The suit of Sarah Williams vs. John Hawkins was dismissed.
30 Jun.1803
Fauquier Co., Va.: The suit of John Love, Administrator of the estate of John Hawkins, deceased, against John Maddux: William Cluton, attorney for Maddux, succeeded in having the judgment of 23 Aug.1802 against Maddux set aside.
16 Feb.1804
Fauquier Co., Va.: In consideration of the purchase being fully paid up, Alice Hawkins deeds to Matthew Whiting Brooke, for one dollar and the benefit she expects to derive from the balance due her from Samuel Gorson, on a purchase he made of land where she now resides.  Alice relinquishes and makes over to Matthew W. Brooke, who has purchased Samuel Gordon's right in the said land, all but said Alice Hawkins right of Dower, allotted to her by Commissioners appointed by the Court.  Witnesses: John Getson, Theodorick Lee, Eleanor Hawkins, Js. Watson, Jr.
16 Feb.1804
Fauquier Co., Va.: Deed of Release between Alice Hawkins and Matthew W. Brooke was proved to by: John Love, Joseph Matson, Jr., and John Gibson, Jr.; and recorded.
Fauquier Co., Va.: Alice Hawkins died intestate.
Fauquier Co., Va.: The estate of Alice Hawkins was appraised.

37.Matthew Hawkins (2.William, 1.Ralph)


>13 Nov.1755
Death: Will

1st marriage: Mary _________

25 Jul.1730
2nd marriage: Rachel Burle.

Children with Mary:
38.Ann Hawkins, b.10 Jan.1721.
39.Mary Hawkins, b.24 Aug.1724; probably d. young.
40.Ruth Hawkins, b.5 Mar.1725; probably d. young.

Children with Rachel:
41.Matthew Hawkins, b.3 May 1732, d. young.
42.Rachel Hawkins, b.7 Mar.1739.
43.Elizabeth Hawkins,b.9 Mar.1734.
44.Martha Hawkins, b.1737.  She m., 20 Apr.1769, John Hammond; and they had:
Arianna Hammond, m. Upton Hammond.
Rachel Hammond
Charles Hammond
They became owners of "Hawkins Addition," "Warres Addition," "Rednigo Addition," "Hawkins Choice," and "Hawkins Range."
45.Rebecca Hawkins, b.11 Apr.1744.  She m., 12 Sep.1760, Rezin Hammond, who d.29 Jul.1790.
46.Arianna Hawkins, b.6 Sep.1746, d.1762.
47.Sarah Hawkins, b.8 Nov.1749, d.1762.
48.Matthew Hawkins, b.30 Aug.1752.

The data on which this page is based is located in the file, Excursus-Hawkins.htm - GL,III, ed.] Page
(in Hawkins Data Bank)
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Excursus IX: Withers.

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