Section IV  Massey Appendices One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

Appendix XX
Rachel Arescott: Her Marriages

Some of the inter-marriage situations of the Massey family are hard to describe in words; especially those of Rachel Arescott; a diagram is a big help:

Rachel Arescott: Her Marriages - 2.James Massey; 3.Peter Massey; 11.John Massey; 4.Elijah Eleazer Massey; 12.Eleazer Massey; 8.James Massey; 21.Moses Massey; 5.Benjamin Massey; 13.Elizabeth Massey; 17.William Massey; Rachel Arescott; 22.Thomas Hemsley Massey; 61.Pamela Lambdin Massey; 43.Joshua Massey; 134.Pamela Massey.