Section VI - Allied Families Data Bank One Maryland Massey Family by George Langford, Jr. 1901-1996
©Cullen G. Langford and George Langford, III, 2010

These pages were marked with both the names listed below as well as the Massey name and are located in the Massey Data Bank, Volumes I through VIII GL, Jr. notes & abstracts Major outside sources
Borden Data Bank

Lou Hough: letter of March 24, 1980 to to GL,Jr. with his discussion of Appendix XLIX, The Pierce Ranch - the size of the ranch, Marie Borden, the Borden Ranch next door to the Pierce Ranch, and their different visits to the Pierce Ranch

Faulkner Data Bank

Nelson Faulkner, Jr.: letter of September 7, 1984 to GL,Jr. inquiring about two persons named William Faulkner or Falconer and their marriages to Jerusha Massey and Margaret Hutson

Nelson Faulkner, Jr.: letter of August 31, 1984 to GL,Jr. inquiring about Massey genealogy and a possible connection to his Faulkner genealogy.

M1702,M1703, M1704
GL,Jr.: letter of December 14, 1985 to Nelson Faulkner, Jr. giving the history of the Massey book project, GL,Jr.'s recent personal history, the "Pandora's Box" material from Massey Printz, and asking for whatever data Mr. Faulkner has on hand so that it could be incorporated into the Massey Book
GL,Jr.: letter of February 5, 1986 to Nelson Faulkner, Jr. with a detailed response to the information in Mr. Faulkner's September 7, 1984 letter
Nelson Faulkner, Jr.: letter of February 18, 1986 to GL,Jr. with a suggested researcher, Marie K. Williams, of Whittier, California who has been helpful to Mr. Faulkner
GL,Jr.: letter of February 27, 1986 to Marie K. Williams with many Massey-book details, but which was returned as unknown at that address
GL,Jr.: letter of March 29, 1986 to Marie K. Williams with many Massey-book details, but which was returned as unknown at that address M1714,M1715
Nelson Faulkner, Jr.: letter of September 17, 1986 to GL,Jr., asking for an update regarding contact with Marie K. Williams

GL,Jr.: letter of September 25, 1986 to Nelson Faulkner, Jr. confessing his loss of the file and notes regarding his February 18, 1986 letter and asking for copies of Mr. Faulkner's Massey-Faulkner notes
Jones Data Bank

Larry A. James: letter of July 25, 1977 to GL,Jr. with much Jones family data, starting with Richard B. Jones, born 1801, died 1873 and his children with Amelia Cromwell, born 1819, died 1872, among them being Sallie Jones, who married Frank Raleigh Massey

Godspeed's 1898 History of McDonald & Newton Counties, reprint - Newton County Biographical Appendix, p.373: Biography of Hubbard F. Jones, born 1848, with data on his wife and their children

Obituaries of Richard M. Jones, June 27, 1912

Larry A. James, Pioneer Families of Newton County, Missouri, 1976, p.35 - The Jones Family (1845); The Jones Family (1840)

Larry A. James, Cemetery Records of Newton County, 1972, p.16 - Neosho I.O.O.F. Cemetery - many Jones interments

GL,Jr.: genealogical chart for Richard B. Jones, spouse Amelia W. Cromwell, daughter Sallie Jones and her marriage to Frank Raleigh Massey
Mitchell Data Bank & Talbot Data Bank

GL,Jr.: letter of June 28, 1980 to Claire (Langford) Swan and Cullen Langford, stating that GL,Jr. is sending all his Mitchell/Talbot material to Cullen

Claire (Langford) Swan's reply to GL,Jr., received August 6, 1980, with information for 27.Mary Helen Talbot Mitchell, 26.Dr. Joseph David Talbot, Douglas Talbot, Richard Casey Talbot, Madeleine Talbot, and Hugh Mitchell

Smith Data Bank

Lou Hough: biography of Orville Lemuel Smith

Lou Hough: copy of letter written by Nina Eleanor Hough to her son Louis Hough (i.e., Lou) on April 9, 1906

Lou Hough: letter of March 24, 1980 to GL,Jr. with his critique of Excursus XX - Smith - Abram Smith; Orville Lemuel Smith (OLS); Honora Agnes Riordan; OLS as President of Board of Commissioners vs. acting Mayor; and Mother Cabrini Spring story

Snyder Data Bank

Biography of Adam Wilson Snyder in the Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois; still in copyright; see this link instead
Dr. and Mrs. J.F. (Anna E. Saunders) Snyder observe the sixty-third anniversary of their marriage; still in copyright, no bibliographical reference found; wedding date was September 27, 1917; no link
Funeral of Miss Nelle Snyder, second daughter of Dr. J.F. Snyder and Annie Saunders; obituary mentions a brother, Fred Snyder and two sisters, Adelle and Isabell, living at home with Dr. Snyder; from Volume XIII of the Journal of the Illinois Historical Society, p.133; date of the funeral was [illegible] 1920
David Kinnett, Manuscript Specialist at the Western Historical Mauscript Collection, Columbia, Missouri: letter of April 18, 1980 to Lou Hough describing references to Thomas L. Snead

Lou Hough: note of May 21, 1980 regarding his order for copies of the No.2453 Thomas L. Snead folder contents

Laurel Boeckman, Reference Specialist, the State Historical Society of Missouri: letter of April 15, 1980 to Lou Hough regarding his request for books by Thomas L. Snead

Beverly Bishop, Associate Archivist at the Missouri Historical Society: letter of April 19, 1980 to Lou Hough regarding books by Ira Holcombe and Thomas L. Snead

Card-Catalog cards relating to Holcombe and Snead books, including references to the Dr. John F. Snyder collection found by Lou Hough

Tingle Data Bank

1850 Newton County Census: William Tingle entry

Larry A. James: letter received by GL,Jr. on January 6, 1979 regarding the 1860 and 1880 Censuses of Salem Township, Jasper County, Missouri with an entry for William Tingle

GL,Jr.: letter of February 4, 1979 to Larry A. James regarding his discovery of William Tingle data in Shelby County, Missouri

GL,Jr.: letter of February 17, 1979 to Larry A. James regarding GL,Jr.'s analysis of his William Tingle data for Larry - many pages

GL,Jr.: letter of March 2, 1979 to Larry A. James regarding the land entries in which William Tingle and Benjamin Franklin Masssey were involved as well as data from the 1850 and 1840 census
Larry A. James: letter of April 18, 1979 to GL,Jr. with 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870 & 1880 census data from Jasper, Newton, & Salem counties, Missouri for William Tingle

Toas Data Bank

GL,Jr.: genealogical chart made December 10, 1936 regarding Henry Toas ... Sarah Toas, who married Peter Massey
GL,Jr.: notes made December 9, 1936 from Archives of Maryland (F857.552) regarding John Toas and Robert Roberts, ca.1711
GL,Jr.: notes made December 9, 1936 from Archives of Maryland (F857.552) regarding the will of Daniel Toas of Kent County, Maryland which left real estate, etc. to his children Daniel, John & Sarah; Robert Roberts and the securing of 300 acres of land on which Daniel Toas & wife Sarah could live
GL,Jr.: : notes made December 9, 1936 from Archives of Maryland (F857.552) regarding a deposition given by Richard Powell of Queene Anne's County, Maryland regarding John Toas's discharge of a debt owed to Robert Roberts by Roberts's taking of a large number of livestock from Toas's land
GL,Jr.: : notes made December 9, 1936 from Archives of Maryland (F857.552) regarding a deposition given by William Comegys about a discussion between Robert Roberts and John Toas ... with an inventory of what was taken by Roberts
GL,Jr.: : notes made December 9, 1936 from Archives of Maryland (F857.552) regarding a series of acts and petitions relating to the dispute between Robert Roberts and John Toas
GL,Jr.: : notes made December 9, 1936 from Archives of Maryland (F857.552) regarding two competing ferries; and notes from Maryland Calendar of Wills (K49.55) regarding wills of Daniel Toas and Henry Toas
GL,Jr.: notes from NEHGS library books made October 21, 1945 regarding various Tees and Toas men; Rockingham County Library notes from August 7 & 12, 1970 regarding Daniel Toas and William Teas
Ted Brownyard: letter of December 4, 1970 with Cecil & Kent counties, Maryland land records for several Teas, Toaes, Tod, Toas, Trem men

GL,Jr.: notes made March13, 1974 at the Harrisonburg, Virginia Library regarding books by Faust and by Daniel I. Rupp about immigrants from Switzerland, Germany & the Netherlands - names Toss and Tosz come up, but nothing about Toas
GL,Jr.: genealogical chart for Toas, starting with Henry Toas & wife Sarah ... Peter Massey ... and even Rachel Roberts, sister of Robert Roberts
GL,Jr.: extensive notes regarding the Assembly Acts of 1711 & 1720
GL,Jr.: letter of June 2, 1977 to Lou Hough about the name Toas/Teas/Tees and Daniel Toas, his possible listing in the Visitations
Lou Hough: letter of May 23, 1977 to GL,Jr. with a tidbit about Daniel Tees and the river Tees

Vaughan Data Bank

Reminiscent History of the Ozark Region, 1894, p.541: biography of Granville H. Vaughan

GL,Jr.: letter of September 1, 1977 to Barry A. Watson and Michael Maher regarding the family of Virginia L. Vaughan, wife of Scott Withers Massey
GL,Jr.: genealogical chart of the Vaughan family, starting with James Vaughan ... to Virginia L. Vaughan, who married Scott Withers Massey in 1885
Hawkins Data Bank

Lou Hough: letter of December 17, 1976 to GL,Jr. with much Hawkins data

GL,Jr.: letter of August 15, 1977 to Lou Hough stating his intention to start a Hawkins genealogy
Lou Hough: letter of September 26, 1977 to GL,Jr. suggesting that Lou is willing to take on the Hawkins project, leaving Holmes to GL,Jr.

Lou Hough: letter of March 28, 1978 to GL,Jr. lamenting the complexity of the Hawkins project

Lou Hough: letter of May 2, 1978 to GL,Jr. regarding a non-connection between a Rhode Island John Hawkins and the Maryland contingent

Lou Hough: letter of July 31, 1978 to GL,Jr. regarding his difficulty in securely tying Mary Hawkins of Fairfax County, Maryland to Capt. John Hawkins, despite his certainty that John was the son of Mary; but with a long paragraph of information

GL,Jr.: letter of October 22, 1978 to Lou Hough rergarding the absence of any Daltons in the Hawkins ancestry

Deed: Henry Holland Hawkins patents 305 acres: Know ye that for and in consideration that Henry Holland Hawkins, Junior of Prince Georges County in our said province of Maryland has due onto him 305 acres of land within our said province by virtue of an assignment for that quantity from John Hopkins, Junior.  Part of a warrant of 440 acres granted to the said John Hawkins the third day of December 1740 as appears in our land office and upon such conditions and terms as are expressed in our conditions of plantation of our said province bearing date the fifth day of April 1684 and remaining upon record in our said province together with such alterations as in them are made by our further conditions bearing date the fourth day of December 1696 together also with the alterations made by our instructions bearing date at London the 12th day of September 1712 and registered in our…

Hough Data Bank

GL,Jr.: note of January 17, 1977 to the effect that the folowing pages, Massey 0488-0519, are the Journal of Nina Massey, wife of Warwick Hough (her pages 29-52)
Lou Hough: notation of January 17, 1977 at the top of the first transmitted page of Nina Massey Hough's Journal: M0490, M0491 M0497, M0498, M0499, M0500, M0501, M0502, M0503, M0504, M0505, M0506, M0507, M0507, M0508, M0509, M0510, M0511, M0512, M0513, M0514, M0515, M0516, M0517 M0492 M0489
Lou Hough, copy dated January 17, 1977 of a Western Union telegram dated March 10, 1925 announcing the death of Mrs. Nina Massey Hough, widow of former Chief Justice Warwick Hough, to Dr. Louis Hough, Lou's father

GL,Jr.: letter of January 23, 1977 to Lou Hough thanking Lou for sending him Nina Hough's Journal
GL,Jr.: letter of February 23, 1977 to Lou Hough discussing Nina Massey Hough's emprisonment & Warwick Hough's service as Rebel Secretary of State vis a vis B.F. Massey, who was also a Rebel Secretary of State
Lou Hough: biography, dated March 3, 1977, of Nina Eleanor Massey

Lou Hough: biography, dated March 3, 1977, ofWarwick Hough

Lou Hough: children of Warwick and Nina Eleanor (Massey) Hough: Warwick Massey Hough, Alice Ramsey Hough, Maria Withers Massey, Louis Hough, M.D. (Lou Hough's father), Heber Hough (died in infancy), Mary Shawn Hough (died in infancy), Eleanor Holmes Hough, and Howard Hough (died in infancy)

Lou Hough: letter of January 17, 1977 to GL,Jr. with these enclosures of papers by Warwick Hough: Massey0584-0586; Massey0587-0597; Massey0598; Massey0599; Massey0600-0601; Massey0602-0603; and Massey0604

Warwick Hough: "Various Thoughts"

Warwick Hough:"Journal of Stray Thoughts"

Warwick Hough: Birth & death dates of children of Warwick Hough

Warwick Hough:"General Order #7," April 22, 1861

F. Hamilton: letter of March 16, 1859 to Warwick Hough

J. Proctor Knott: letter of December 19, 1958 to Warwick Hough
Warwick Hough: poem named, "When My Ship Comes In"

Lou Hough: biographies of Mary Hough and Rachel Hough

Lou Hough: biography of Sarah Hough

Lou Hough: biography of George Washington Hough

Lou Hough: Chart 21 for the genealogy of Sarah Hough, born 1791, died 1833 and descendants; and Chart 20 for the genealogy of Elizabeth Hough, born ca.1775, died ... and descendants

Lou Hough: Chart 22 for the genealogy ofWarwick Hough, born 1836, died 1915 and descendants

GL,Jr.: letter of March 14, 1980 to Lou Hough, covering Excursus I: Hough, with many questions
Lou Hough: letter of March 24, 1980 to GL,Jr. regarding a correction for Orville Lemuel Smith, who was not the person on a Summer 1879 trip - that was Warwick Hough; children of Alice & Richard Hough

Lou Hough: detailed, constructive critique of Excursus I: Hough

No author: Two sentences (from an obituary ?) about Mrs. Hough, who was Nina E. Massey, daughter of Benjamin F. Massey, Secretary of State at the time of her marriage to Warwick Hough, who received an LL.D. in 1883 from the University of Missouri

Lou Hough: letter of May 21, 1980 to GL,Jr. with the birthplace and date for Alice Guidon and the marriage date & place of John W. Hough and Judy Macalady

Pierce Data Bank

GL,Jr.: notes made on March 14, 1977 regarding headstones in the Walnut Hill Cemetery for Peter Pierce & Eliza J. Pierce; deeds 1840-1870 w/r to Peter Pierce; Peter Pierce as proprietor of City Hotel 1840-1850 and Mansion House; and Eliza Jane Matilda Pierce, in 1842 a member in good standing of a church
Article in the Texas Star, No.2, 1980, regarding Shanghai Pierce and the Pierce ranch (no link)

Pickett Data Bank

GL,Jr.: letter of April 5, 1980 to Lou Hough regarding his reluctant intent to tie Excursus X: Pickett to Stella Pickett Hardy's work, Colonial Farms of the Southern States of America (Tobias Wright, New York, 1911) in spite of her utter lack of documentation or listed sources, as she was the only author of any kind on Pickett
Withers Data Bank

GL,Jr.: letter of February 23, 1977 to Lou Hough relaying his failure to connect Billy Walker to his Withers or Hawkins data
GL,Jr.: notes dated March 14, 1977 regarding research at Boonville, Missouri on Deeds, Cemeteries or Wills for Withers or Weathers
GL,Jr.: letter of May 7, 1977 to Barry A. Watson regarding Scott Withers Massey
Barry A. Watson: notes received by GL,Jr. on May 19, 1977 regarding Scott Withers Massey (written on top of a set of data prepared by GL,Jr.)

GL,Jr.: letter of May 24, 1977 to Barry A. Watson, thanking him for sending his children's vital data and asking him for the identity of Scott Withers Massey's wife
GL,Jr.: letter of August 17, 1977 to Michael Maher regarding ________ Vaughan, wife of Scott Withers Massey; Scott Massey (addressee unknown at Camarillo California)
Gina (Mrs. David B.) Holland: letter of July 9, 1978 to Lou Hough regarding Massey & Withers genealogy
GL,Jr.: letter of September 26, 1979 to Mrs. William (Mildred) Cotton regarding the Scott Withers Massey descendants and Barry A. Watson
GL,Jr.: letter of April 5, 1980 to Lou Hough regarding Pedigree II of Lou's xerographically copied Withers of County Chester England, on which was noted that the wife of Capt. John Withers might have been Frances Claiborne ... but dispensed with by the revelation that the Claiborne research was based on a fake deed
GL,Jr.: letter of April 5, 1980 to Lou Hough regarding the book, Withers, A Collection of Genealogical Data on Descendants of the Male Line of James Withers (1680-1746) of Stafford County, Virginia - published in 1947, perhaps reprinted in 1949
M1494 M1499