Manuscript entitled, "Fossil Flora and Fauna of the Pennsylvanian Period, Will County, Illinois"
George Langford (1876-1964)

Copyright 2010, by George Langford, III

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My grandfather, George Langford, Sr. wrote two books about this subject that were published by ESCONI Associates, Inc. in 1958 and 1963: "The Wilmington Coal Flora from a Pennsylvanian deposit in Will County, Illinois," and "The Wilmington Coal Fauna and Additions to the Wilmington Coal Flora from a Pennsylvanian Deposit in Will County, Illinois." He next prepared a third manuscript, but scientific politics intervened as explained here by George Langford, Jr., my father.  George, Sr. died in 1964, and after George, Jr.'s death in 1996 I inherited another manuscript.  The present webpage is a copy of the pen & ink written manuscript, i.e.,  in my grandfather's own hand, and with his own original photographs, that was intended to be George, Jr.'s personal fossil collection, the actual fossils having been donated as a scientific resource to the Illinois State Museum at Springfield, about 1940.

I have copies of correspondence between George, Jr. and the late Mr. Don Auler of ESCONI, indicating that George, Jr. donated the original manuscripts of the first two books and the manuscript of what had originally been intended to be the third book to ESCONI in 1987.  It was my father's expressed wish in the letter of transmittal that all three manuscripts would find their way eventually into the archives of the Illinois State Museum in Springfield.

The material presented here is best viewed with a browser that allows right-clicking and "view image."  That would be Netscape, Firefox, IceMonkey, IceWeasel, IceApe ... but not, alas, Internet Explorer.  There is an astonishing amount of detail that can be seen in the scanned images of the photographs that my grandfather made, some over 70 years ago.  Please dig as deep as you can in the following pages.  I have tried to keep each page within the confines of the monitor window.  One exception is the very long, three-column index to the fossil flora, which I prepared so as to facilitate location of the photographs according to the scientific names that my grandfather applied to the fossils.

There are several hundred fossils represented here and many more photographs of them ... and many more images on this website, when the different scan resolutions are considered.  You are welcome to study these pages, but please do not publish the images or data anywhere, nor make any economic or personal decisions based on this data, as I cannot vouch for the accuracy of my grandfather's identifications of the fossils.  I have no training whatsoever in paleobotany.

Many of the photographs have straight pencil lines drawn with hash marks, which I think represent one inch for scale.  All the original pages were 8.5 by 11 inch (letter) size, which may also help in scaling the fossil images.  Some fossils have fractions written alongside - these are magnification factors, I think.

George Langford, III, May 20, 2010
Title page: "The Fossil Flora and Fauna of the Pennsylvanian Period in Will County, Illinois."
George Langford, Sr.'s dedication of the book to George Langford, Jr.
"Strip Mine" Christmas card by George and Sydne Langford, 1939.
2 - 8
Introductory material about the formation of the coal over which the fossiliferous deposits lay at the Will County site.
9 - 10
Formation mechanism of the siderite concretions that contain the fossils.
Portraits of the two collectors, George, Jr. and George, Sr. and the mining process; 1938.
12 - 13
More of GL's handwritten material on the formation of coal.
14 - 15
Brief description of the collection site, types of deposits, and sketches of some of the fossils found there.
16 - 85
Descriptions of the fossil flora found by George Langford, Sr. and George Langford, Jr.
86 - 126
Descriptions of the fossil fauna similarly found.
Appendix I
Lecture notes prepared by Sydne Holmes Langford for George Langford, Sr.'s invited speaking engagements in the Chicago, Illinois area.
Appendix II
The Field Notes of George Langford, Sr., a manuscript edited and supplemented by GeorgeLangford, Jr. in 1973.