Manuscript entitled, Fossil Flora and Fauna of the Pennsylvanian Period, Will County, Illinois
George Langford (1876-1964)

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Portraits of the two collectors, George, Jr. and George, Sr. and the mining process; the year was 1938; page 11.
George Langford, Jr. (1901-1995)
GL,Jr. collecting fossils - 1938
George Langford, Sr. (1876-1964)
GL Sr. - collecting fossils - 1938
Note: Nowadays, no one dares break the nodules open in the field, as there are so few to be found.  Instead, a freeze-thaw-freeze technique is used. GL III, ed.
Strip Coal Mining, 1938.
Strip coal mining - 1938, page 11
Section of Pit Wall.
Section of pit wall, page 11, GL sketch