Manuscript entitled, Fossil Flora and Fauna of the Pennsylvanian Period, Will County, Illinois
by George Langford (1876-1964)
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Calamites carinatus, Annularia stellata, Calamites calamariophyllum, and a sketch of calamites, page 20.
Note: the scan of the original page 20 is here.
The original page was letter size but the image may have been cropped slightly.
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Calamites carinatus, GL photographs.
Calamites - Sketch by GL.
Calamite stem leaves - Calamariophyllum.
Annularia stellata, GL photograph.
Calamites carinatus, GL photographs, page 20
Calamites, GL sketch, page 20
Calamite stem leaves, Calamariophyllum, page 20
Annularia stellata, GL photograph, page 20