Manuscript entitled, Fossil Flora and Fauna of the Pennsylvanian Period, Will County, Illinois
by George Langford (1876-1964)
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Alethopteris and desmopteris, page 66.
The fossil identified as Alethopteris serli (2nd from left) now resides as No. 14252 in the Mazon Creek Collection of the Illinois State Museum.
Alethopteris serli;
photograph by GL.
Alethopteris serli; photograph by GL.
Alethopteris grandini;
photograph by GL.
Desmopteris integra;
photograph by GL.
Alethopteris friedeli;
photograph by GL.
Alethopteris sullivanti;
photograph by GL.
Aletheropteris serli fossil Alethopteris serli fossil Alethopteris grandini fossil
Desmopteris integra fossil
Alethopteris friedeli fossil
Alethopteris sullivnti fossil
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