Collecting Fossil Plants and Animals
in the Pennsylvanian Deposits of the Will County, Illinois Coal Measures
The Field Notes of George Langford, Sr. in the Years 1937-1960.
Prepared and organized by George Langford, Jr., 1973.
Copyright George Langford, III, 2010
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In January 1973 - Gene Richardson [of the Field Museum - GL,III] wrote me that Father's [George Langford, Sr. - GL,III] field notes had turned up in the Field Museum - and that he was sending them to me.

One loose-leaf book held carefully written records in Father's handwriting - covering the years from 1937 through 1947.  The second small bound notebook was in pencil and less carefully done.  It covered the years 1948 through 1960 when Father collected both in the Illinois strip mines and in the clay pits in various states in the Deep South.  I have transcribed his field notes that pertain to the strip mines.

In the process of doing this transcribing work, it evoked many vivid memories of the 1937-1938 period when Father and I collected together so intensively.  Father's notes covered the scientific aspects of the work - it appeared appropriate to me to complete the narrative by covering the non-scientific aspects - and our day to day adventures - so I commenced to set these recollections down on paper.

Gene Richardson had produced a map of these strip mines in 1958.  I enlarged a portion of his map to show the areas where Father and I had collected in 1937-1938 - and identified and located the collecting sites to which Father frequently referred.

I sought out all the snapshots that had survived from this 1937-1938 period - the photographs that showed the spoil heaps - and those that showed either Father or me.

So - in effect - these Field Notes have become a manuscript book.
[signed] George Langford, Jr.