Stainless Steel Water Jacket
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This failure analysis did require use of the scanning electron microscope, because the episodic stress corrosion cracking wasn't evident until we went over 2000X magnification, unattainable with a light microscope.
Fragment Cut from the Pipe - 20X
Stack: 0.005 inch increments.
This is the back side of the piece.
Stainles steel water jacket fragment - 20X magnification
Fragment Cut from the Pipe - 25X
Stack: 0.005 inch increments.
(Flipped completely around ...)
Fragment from stainless steel water jacket at 25X magnification
Detail as above, but at 60X.
Stack: 0.001 inch increments.
Fracture detail at 60X magnification
Detail of above view at 40X.
Stack: 0.003 inch increments.
Fracture detail at 40X magnification