At Last - A Visual-Light "Scanning Electron" Microscope for Viewing Rough Surfaces !
George Langford
Helicon Focus is designed to select the sharpest portions of each image in a stack of microscope images made at different object distances.  It compresses the stack into a montage that eliminates the out-of-focus portions, giving a high resolution photomicrograph.
When I was teaching a metallurgical failure analysis course at Drexel University ca. 1980, I collected "unknowns" by picking them up from the streets while walking around the university.  The students knew this, and they knew that I had no more advance knowledge about the history of the the broken pieces than they did.  Some of the examples below fall in that category.
Broken Skateboard Cap Screw Broken Three-Hole Punch Screw
Broken Toothbrush
Broken Eyeglass Hinge
Pipe Fragment
Broken Zipper Handle
Cracked Stainless Steel Water Jacket
Broken Screw from an Antique Bausch & Lomb Stereomicroscope
Broken Screw from a Chair of Mine
Broken 1/4-28UNF Bottoming Tap
Broken Brass Backpack Clip
Broken Roller Latch Shaft