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Channellock Grip-Lock pliers No. 910-C.
Price: SOLD
Fanciful "improvement" on the familiar vicegrip plier design.  This tool obviates the need to play with the screw adjustment of pressure to which we've all grown 
accostomed and replaces it with the need to fiddle with that obscure little button slider gizmo.  However, once you get the feel of it, it works just as well as a pair of vicegrips. That's probably why this pair is the first one I've ever seen.

The patent numbers are 2,531,285, 2,576,286, and 2,997,903.

Interestingly from the point of view of legal strategy, none of the cited patent drawings depict exactly how the final product looks.

Channellock is located in Meadville, PA, 
and was once known as Champion DeArment.

This example is in fine condition.