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Stanley No. 923-10IN.
Ten inch swing
brace, with patented spindle mechanism.
Stanley No. 923-10IN ten inch swing braceU.S. Patent No. 2,485,991 is stamped into the ratchet body of this old Stanley brace.  The patent covers the ratchet housing and the extremely secure method of locking & adjusting the nut that retains the spindle. 

The 1949 patent date is well outside the scope of Ron Pearson's book, but the patent drawings are in Jim Price's Patent Master CDROM.

The rosewood handles are in good condition, and there is a nice combination of patina and 50% remaining nickel plating on the metal parts. The mechanical functions are excellent, and the brace has never suffered the use of a pipe wrench to attempt to hold round shank bits.  It is only suitable for auger bits with tapered, square shanks.  The jaws were made under the then expired U.S. Patent No. 1,880,521, which covers the wrap-around spring that urges the jaws apart.