Collecting Fossil Plants and Animals
in the Pennsylvanian Deposits of the Will County, Illinois Coal Measures
The Field Notes of George Langford, Sr. in the Years 1937-1960.
Prepared and organized by George Langford, Jr., 1973.
Copyright George Langford, III, 2010
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Summary of Field Work in the Strip Coal Mines
We spent one hundred forty days in the field, doing some exploring but collecting mostly.  Much more time than that was occupied in washing, sorting, developing and identifying the specimens we brought in.  I estimate that these numbered over twenty thousand.  We must have collected and split more than two hundred thousand.  These were the pick of probably over five million that we examined.

Up to December 1, 1938, there are two hundred different forms of plants and twenty-four of animals in our collection.  Identifications were made by Mr. Raymond E. Jansen, Department of Botany, University of Chicago.

In general, the quality of our specimens is very good.  All are nodular.  We have many big ones, many fine ones, and a goodly number of rare species.  The degree of preservation in a great many of them is unsurpassed.  They appear sculptured and engraved.
[unsigned, but in the handwriting of] George Langford, Sr.