Collecting Fossil Plants and Animals
in the Pennsylvanian Deposits of the Will County, Illinois Coal Measures
The Field Notes of George Langford, Sr. in the Years 1937-1960.
Prepared and organized by George Langford, Jr., 1973.
Copyright George Langford, III, 2010
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Field Notes - 1953 - 1954 - 1955 - 1956 - 1957 - 1958 - 1959 - 1960
Activities of George Langford, Sr. [in the handwriting of George Langford, Jr. transcribed from GL, Sr.'s notes].
I made several trips to the strip mines with [Dr. Robert H. and Mrs.] Whitfield and two with [Eugene S.] Richardson. [no mention of the collecting sites visited - GL,Jr.]  The [William] Turnbulls found an amphibian, snake-like, near the Santa Fe tracks [Locality No. 23].  July was wet and hot.  The first half of August was nice, but the last half was a long, terribly hot spell.
1954 & 1955
I spent all of 1954 and up until April 1955 on my manuscript of flora from the Pennsylvanian Wilmington deposit.  Having no automobile, I made only five collecting trips and did not get very much, as the accessible sites had been gone over by numerous collectors.  However, each time I did get some new species of flora and some fauna.  I was a guest of [Dr. Robert H. and Mrs.] Whitfield each time. [no identification of collecting sites vistited - GL,Jr.]
July & August 1955
These were record-breaking hot months - no chance for field work.
Oct. 1, 1955
Trip to strip mines with [Dr. Robert H. and Mrs.] Whitfield.  Mrs. Whitfield got five specimens. [sites not identified - GL,Jr.]
Jan. 26, 1956
Called on Mr. Salvatore Peck, Braidwood, Illinois; he has a collection.
April 1956
The Winter from November to April has been the mildest that I can remember.  Not much snow or ice, and the temperature never got down to zero (°F).  Most of my time has been spent writing up the Wilmington Pennsylvanian flora.
May 24, 1956
With [Dr. Robert H.] Whitfield and son Jack at Goldblatt's [Locality No. 3].  Cold up to 11:30AM, then mild and sunny the rest of the day.
April 3, 1957
No [Wilmington strip mine] field trips up to now and none planned.
June 22, 1957
I visited the strip mines with [Dr. and Mrs. Robert H.] Whitfield.  Weather very hot. [site visited not identified - GL,Jr.]
September 20, 1957
Trip to strip mines with [Dr. Robert H.] Whitfield and son John Whitfield.  Rain in morning at Goldblatt's [Locality No. 3].
June 13, 1958
My book, "The Wilmington Coal Flora" was formally [dedicated] at the meeting of ESCONI [Earth Science Club of Northern Illinois] at Downers Grove, Illinois.  Dr. Robert H. Whitfield spoke for me.  Mrs. Whitfield, Sydne Holmes Langford, and George Langford, Jr. were with us.
Spent on Lower Eocene specimens from the southern states.
April 20, 1960
Dr. & Mrs. [Robert H.] Whitfield took me down to the "Goldblatt" area [Locality No. 3].  Weather perfect 70°F; but the wind blew strongly.  Our collecting was better than we expected; a fine trip, after my layoff of nearly three years.
November 2, 1960
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene S. Richardson drove me to Joliet, where we visited John L. McClucki, who was a patient in Silver Cross Hospital.  I had not been there [the hospital] since about 1944, nor in Joliet since 1950.

[this was Father's final entry in the field book he maintained relating to the Wilmington strip mine spoil heaps collecting areas - GL,Jr.]
[unsigned, but in the handwriting of] George Langford, Jr.