Collecting Fossil Plants and Animals
in the Pennsylvanian Deposits of the Will County, Illinois Coal Measures
The Field Notes of George Langford, Sr. in the Years 1937-1960.
Prepared and organized by George Langford, Jr., 1973.
Copyright George Langford, III, 2010
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Field Notes - 1951
Date in 1951
Activities of George Langford, Sr. [in the handwriting of George Langford, Jr. transcribed from GL, Sr.'s notes].
I went to the strip mines with [Dr. Robert H.] Whitfield and his son Jon.  But the heaps were so muddy, and the air so cold, we did not do well or get much.
May 12, 1951
Drove to the strip mines with S.H.L. [Sydne Holmes Langford].  We found the [John] McClucki's and stopped at their house.  They loaned me some [new] fossils to write up.  Weather perfect.  I spent about one-and-one-half hours on the southeast side of Pig Pen [Locality No. 3] but got nothing of consequence.
May 26 & 27
Days spent with the [Dr. & Mrs. Robert H.] Whitfields.  Worked a little on the 26th, but the intermittent showers drove us out [of Locality No. 3].  We called on Peter Enrietta and John McClucki in Coal City.  It rained all night and continued in the morning of the 27th, so we left for home about 10:00AM.
May 30
Sydne [Holmes Langford] and I drove down to the Pig Pen, southeast side [Locality No. 3] where I worked for four hours.  Weather clear but hot in the gullies.  We called on the George Langford, Jr.'s on the way back.
August 4
Sydne [Holmes Langford] and I drove to Pig Pen, southeast side [Locality No. 3] and I got one pail full.  Weather fine, but I got pretty hot in the gullies.  She [S.H.L.] made two good pastels.
Aug. 21 & 22
Went to the mines with [Dr. and Mrs. Robert H.] Whitfield and collected on the northwest [Locality No. 4] and southeast [Locality No. 3] parts of "Goldblatt's" [name of the farmer at the Pig Pen sites].  Weather fine.  Stayed at the Manor Hotel.
September 16
Went down to the strip mines with Sydne [Holmes Langford].  While she fixed up our car, I went on northeast side of Goldblatt's [Locality No. 4] and got one-and-one-half pails full of fossils.  Weather perfect.

[unsigned, but in the handwriting of] George Langford, Jr.